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2019 Communique

2019 ShapingEDU Art

From March 11-13, 2019, at ASU’s Memorial Union in Tempe, Arizona, 200 education changemakers -- including technology leaders, faculty, and students -- convened to build upon the ShapingEDU community’s 10 Actions to Shape the Future of Education. An unconference format emphasized agility and iteration as these dreamers, doers, and drivers continuously exchanged ideas and built on each other’s work. Ahead of the unconference, participants submitted potential breakout themes in the form of ~60 utopian/dystopian future scenarios for education in 2039. A dozen of those submissions were used to seed working sessions -- or community “neighborhoods” that explored potential frameworks and outputs for achieving the utopian visions.

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What emerged from the collective wisdom is a set of actionable ideas and strategies that can humanize learning, promote greater access to and equity in learning experiences, better connect education to the future workforce and world, and nurture highly collaborative communities of practice. With the 10 Actions serving as a taxonomy for change, below is a summary of the top themes from the 2019 ShapingEDU Unconference with actionable outputs -- “calls to action” -- generated by participants that will help ‘do’ and ‘drive’ these dreams... [Access the full Communique to view the themes, calls to action, contributors, and more.]