Sketch of suggested outputs and projects

ASU ShapingEDU 2020 Unconference: Outputs

At this year's Unconference, Dreamers, Doers and Drivers designed and pitched several outputs to shape the future of learning in the digital age. The ShapingEDU Community is currently voting on which projects to prioritize in the coming year.

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Visuals from the Graphic Facilitation


Recommended Outputs:

  • A toolkit with strategies and guidelines to help meet the basic human needs of students and provide tools for peer mentoring

  • A 3-faceted vision of higher education purposes, strategies for vision-led action and alignment and a series of challenges to foster systems thinking about education futures

  • A toolkit for storytelling and student agency in XR

  • A pitch for a new university, The Institute for Advanced Play, and a case study of the antifragile design and community thinking process used to design it

  • Storybank: an online resource to humanizing learning + teaching practice by sharing lived experiences

  • A student-owned document/manifesto describing what students need and expect from higher education

  • Version 2 of a webpage about collecting, protecting and leveraging student data for student benefit