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2020 Unconference Pre-Activity

What questions would you like to ask current students?

Each year ahead of the ShapingEDU Unconference, we launch a preliminary activity for community members to begin seeding neighborhood working sessions. For this year, we are inviting you to submit questions that you would like to ask current undergraduate and graduate students, related to the Unconference theme: the Intersection Between Tech and Humanity, and our 10 Actions. A selection of these questions will be addressed in an all-student panel and inspire working sessions to build concrete strategies to shape the future of learning in the digital age.


How can I submit questions?

Between January 9th and February 20th, you are invited to submit questions in the #unconference2020 channel of our Slack workspace.  Please include in your post which Action(s) relate to your question.  You can also submit questions via Twitter by tweeting @ShapingEDU or via this form. We will post submissions in Slack so others can build on your suggestions.  (Not in Slack? Apply to join our workspace!)


How will questions be chosen for the Student Panel?

As questions are submitted in Slack, community members will “like” the questions that they think should be asked during the student panel.  In mid-February, student panelists, working session co-facilitators and community leaders will review the community’s feedback and work together to select questions for the student panel and working sessions. The selected questions will be posted in Slack in March.


Example Questions

  • What kinds of human support have guided your use of technology and digital tools?

  • In what ways is -- or could -- immersive learning be used to support your learning?  What concerns do you have about immersive learning?

  • How would you describe your learning needs and your goals?  How well do these align with the support you receive from educators at your institution? 

  • How do you balance/integrate school, life, work, and other priorities? What should educators know/do in respecting this?

  • How can we make higher education a viable option for anyone who wants it?

  • In what ways has your learning felt connected to the workforce?