Delphi Project Report: Opportunities to further Universal Broadband in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act


An image of city buildings and streets at night sits underneath a web of graphics with a wifi symbol in the middle. Text reads: Delphi Project Report - Opportunities to further universal broadband in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Universal Broadband will be funded ($65B) as part of the recently signed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, opening up many opportunities. A new report from ShapingEDU’s Digital Belonging Action Team can be of use to advocates and academic institutions alike as they look towards the next phase of implementation of Universal Broadband in the United States.

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The American Jobs Plan ( included the provision of Universal Broadband as one of its goals, a commitment subsequently carried over to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act ( At the same time, it outlined many other economic goals, some (perhaps all) of which would benefit from consideration in the context of Universal Broadband. By investigating these intersections between the goal of Universal Broadband and other provisions in the American Jobs Plan, ShapingEDU community members, led by Innovator in Residence Dr. Ruben Puentedura, aimed to surface and prioritize important opportunities to further universal broadband access for positive societal and learning outcomes.