Black Swan Game

Black Swan Groundskeeper and ShapingEDU Innovator in Residence Dr. Ruben Puentedura led participants through a Black Swan simulation focused on learning in the face of disruption on Day 2 of the Unconference. Attendees split up into small groups to walk through three acts of designing to thrive in vulnerability. Players enjoyed "serious fun" while exercising and building on their antifragile thinking skills during the Black Swan Game!

What exactly is a "black swan" event? Watch this video to find out!


What is a black swan game? 

ASU ShapingEDU Black Swan Thinking Game Overview

We take a five-step approach to developing antifragile thinking skills. First, we introduce a premise under which we must operate (real or imaginary). Next, we break into teams and create a design for the scenario, then the group proposes resources. We then ask the group to pivot their response plan based on new information, then we regroup to discuss each team's plans.


What transpired during the Unconference 2021 black swan game? 

ASU ShapingEDU Black Swan Thinking Game Summary

 After being presented with the challenge of a "space event" in 2030, the teams assembled into six groups: four represented higher education entities, one repreented a not-for-profit, and one represented a startup company. Storyteller In Residence Karina Branson of ConverSketch created the visual story above to summarize what transpired during the game.