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From the concierge desk: Unconference takeaways

July 20 - 23, 2021 

Digital Immersion Event 

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Black Swan Game

Black Swan Game Summary

How do we design in order to thrive in uncertainty? 
What is antifragility? Coming back from a disturbance event better than before.

Scenario: Space Event of 2030
  • If only we had invested in the Arecibo telescope to predict this…
  • So...let’s invest in 10 alternative universities to train the workforce for Black Swan readiness
  • K-12, NGO, Businesses
Act I : DesignAct II : Proposals & COVID Learnings
How do you know this will work?
Act III : Black Swan Event: Series of hurricanes in Freeport, TX
Higher Ed I - Unbound
  • Think -> Learn  -> Do  -> Repeat
  • Modularity for interaction / Multiple connections & pathways
  • Competency-based model -> Reaching out to students that dropped out
  • What already exists? Tapping our networks
Higher Ed 2 - Learn to Learn Academy
  • Cognitive scientists teaching
  • Creativity
  • Complex problem solving
  • Imagination
  • How do I want to help?
  • Helping...Real-world learning
  • Over-dependence on lectures -> meaningful interactions & reflections
Higher Ed 3 - Newton Humanities Institute of Advanced Play
  • Inclusive, playful, diverse, humanities-based sandbox
  • How to be playful during recovery? Community-driven
  • Clear science narrative across media platform
  • Mental health & wellness equity
Higher Ed 4 - Nomad
  • No permanent locations -> essential 21st century skills -> 6-9 month global apprenticeships
  • International perspective & partnerships
  • Shelter, food & job support for existing orgs
Higher Ed 5 - Sol University
  • Apprenticeships via pop-up field campus
  • Resilience center & virtual spaces
  • Self-discovery
  • Coaching
  • Portfolio
  • Inconsistent access to reliable technology: mobile first learning!
Not for Profit - Fill the Gap
  • Work & life skills
  • Childcare - don’t fall through the cracks!
  • Supporting the whole learner
  • Supporting families with services i.e. connectivity
Start Up - Transdisciplinary Content Production
  • Challenge-based learning -> cohorts online
  • Emotions
  • Building an antifragile education system K-12 & beyond

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