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VirBELA + Learning(Hu)Man

VirBELA is an interactive online campus that will take your camp experience to the next level. Make sure you download VirBELA before you head to camp!

New to VirBELA

Already have an account: 

  1. Download the ASU VirBELA campus
  2. After downloading the VirBELA-ASU application, open the application, and create an account (or log in if you have a VirBELA account already).
  3. Let the application download the required files, once the application downloads all the necessary documents, it will ask you to design your very own avatar.
  4. Once you design the avatar, click save and exit option at the bottom right corner and it will navigate you to the ASU campus.
  1. Enter the ASU VirBELA campus through your desktop application.  (NOTE: This is different from the VirBELA Open Campus you may have used elsewhere.)
  2. Log in with your account. 
  3. Use the Menu and select GO TO > Campus Locations> see below for locations. 
  4. Or just hang out and explore for yourself. 

If you are having issues accessing the Virbela please follow these instructions for troubleshooting. 

Not sure where we are meeting?

Mess Hall & Banter

Mess Hall Breakfast & Banter will meet each morning in the Main Hall

Raising the Flagpole

Around the Flagpole will be at the Soccer Field Flagpole each day. 


All campfires will meet at the Beach/ Campfire* area.

7/22 Zoom-Prov will meet in the Cinema.

Camp Hike

Daily Hikes will meet at the Auditorium*.

*7/22 The State of Virtual Reality will meet in the Main Hall.

Campus Tours will meet at the Orange Circle at the Camp Desk


Rewatch Parties can be found in the Maroon or Gold Theaters. 

Have questions*? Visit the Camp Desk.

*Support will have limited availability.