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Completed Projects


Opportunities to further Universal Broadband in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Universal Broadband will be funded ($65B) as part of the recently signed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, opening up many opportunities. A new report from ShapingEDU’s Digital Belonging Action Team can be of use to advocates and academic institutions alike as they look towards the next phase of implementation of Universal Broadband in the United States.

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Active Learning in Digital Realms Capability Maturity Model 

Active learning, hybrid learning, digital fluency, learning analytics, adaptive technologies and more -- this resource grew out of collaborative work and conversation, drawing on diverse experiences in discussing the intersections of active learning and digital learning spaces. Eight ShapingEDU LIVE event panelists prepared a draft active learning "maturity" model. During a live webinar on November 7, 2019, they shared, discussed, and invited participant feedback on this draft. This free and open resource -- created from the panelists’ initial work and ShapingEDU community member contributions -- will serve as a practical reference for instructors, administrators, and students interested in undertaking thoughtful exploration and action in this ever-changing landscape.

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Framework for Stakeholder Inclusion in the Technology Planning Process

In June of 2019, ASU and Penn State announced a partnership to integrate the CoAction Learning Lab, founded at Penn State, with ASU's ShapingEDU. The CoAction Learning Lab brought together 17 Community Partners -- teams from higher education institutions across North America and Australia -- to turn edtech thought leadership into action leadership by creating resources that advance technology innovation at the intersection of pedagogy, design, implementation, and learner engagement.

The CoAction Learning Lab piloted a process for collaboratively creating resources through a combination of practitioner-led visioning, synchronous working session(s), and asynchronous authoring. With CoAction Community Partners, ShapingEDU has further evolved this process and stakeholder inclusion in the technology planning process integrated it into a series of ShapingEDU LIVE webinars that lead to the creation of free, open, community-authored resources. The first of these outputs, Building Effective Communities of Practice, was published in December, 2019.

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Building Effective Communities of Practice

Collaborators from higher education institutions across the globe share lessons learned from their experiences and exemplars leading and participating in communities of leadership/practice.

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Advancing Student Led Learning: A Starter Guide

This resource was developed collaboratively through a panel discussion and subsequent working session devoted to exploring ways to put students at the center and support them in their learning journeys and the co-creation of that learning. Through guided discussion, the co-facilitators and participants of this session drafted this resource to help institutional leadership, faculty, staff, and students take action and support flexible learning and student leadership in their contexts, with particular attention to access and equity. This resource was created prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and begins with case studies from three institutions: Conestoga College, Western Governors University, and Full Sail University.

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