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Digital Navigators Program


Thursday, November 17, 2022


Virtual (Zoom)

Northern Arizona: Digital Navigators Program Discovery + Planning Session

Join our limited-seating, in-person gathering of digital equity changemakers! We will develop a scalable Digital Navigator training program, which will be beta tested in Arizona, then scaled regionally, then nationally.

DEI DNP Agenda Flagstaff

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Together, we will:

  • Share, Identify and Assess:
    • Existing tools and opportunities to evolve them
    • Promising community-specific practices and resources
    • Opportunities for capacity building
    • Community characteristics
    • New community-specific stakeholders
  • Develop SMART goals for program (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely)

Planned Outcomes

  • De-siloing current stakeholders
  • Develop mechanisms for collaboration¬†
  • Timeline and roadmap for development of:
    • Complete training program resource/asset package
    • Credentialing/badging system (train the trainers)
    • Program rollout, including branding, marketing assets and media outreach
    • Scaling program regionally and nationally.

We hope to inspire and energize our attendees, and conclude with a clear understanding of goals, milestones and deliverables needed from each organization to move the program forward.