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ShapingEDU 2018-2019 Registration & Event Lineup

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In these one-hour events hosted in Zoom, a panel primes your creative thinking by sharing their perspectives on an action needed to shape the best future for education. Then you break out into small teams to begin creating your own ideas and strategies for moving the needle of progress at your organization.

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Upcoming Events

January 24, 2019 @ 3pm US Mountain Time: Humanizing Learning

With institutions scaling their hybrid and fully online programs, digital evaluation techniques tend to be  generic communications and postings that feel mechanical, impersonal, and often times alienating. Humanizing learning refers to faculty, instructors, and even next generation bots integrating intentional empathetic and authentic personal touches in course communications and materials that make learners feel welcome, supported, and understood. Hear from a panel of experts their perspectives on definitions of and approaches for humanizing learning in a range of learning environments.


February 2019: Bolstering Intergenerational Leadership for Learning Futures

March 2019: Fostering Immersive Learning

April 2019: Innovating Artificial Intelligence Applications

May 2019: Embedding Data-Driven Approaches for Student Success

Past Events
June 2018Intro to ShapingEDU: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Panelists: Alexandra Pickett (Open SUNY); Eva de Lera (Learning Voices); Kim Flintoff (Curtin University); Lev Gonick (ASU);

Host: Samantha Becker (ASU).

July 25, 2018, @ 9 AM Central US Time: Promoting Access and Equity

The promise of educational technology as a force for access and equity has become a double-edged sword. Over the past 25 years, edtech has lowered the cost and opened new avenues for learning while exacerbating the divide between those with and without access. Institutional success is often measured by who is excluded from enrolling in the journey to advance learning and opportunity; selectivity excludes tens of millions of people, impacting minorities, regions, and workforce needs due to unequal access. Learning institutions and organizations have a social responsibility to blaze a path for learners of all backgrounds to attain their goals. Join a panel of subject matter experts who are effectively promoting access and equity in their learning environments -- and then join the discussions to strategize how to make improvements in your setting.


  • Sue Cranmer, Lecturer in Technology-Enhanced Learning, University of Lancaster

  • Loida Garcia-Febo, President-Elect, American Library Association (ALA)

  • John Ittleson, Professor Emeritus, CSU Monterey Bay

  • Patrice Prusko, Assistant Director, Learning Design Team, Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Karen Swift, Head of Department, Business and Digital Technologies, James Nash High School

  • Host: Samantha Becker (ASU)

August 21, 2018 @ 5pm US Central Time: Connecting Education and the Workforce of the Future

Education and the needs of the economy are intrinsically and inextricably linked. Predictions of the emergent machine learning economy’s impact on the future of work oscillate between utopian and dystopian scenarios. There are too few strategic conversations and associated planning about the role of education in this picture. Those charged with integrating technology into learning experiences today must help ascribe meaning to the products and services for tomorrow’s economic and workforce needs. Meanwhile, current and emergent industry leaders hiring graduates must convey the skills needed for career success to inform learning design. Both education and industry leaders must champion extraordinary and ongoing professional development. In this ShapingEDU LIVE session, Join subject matter experts from around the world to hear perspectives and approaches for better connecting education experiences to workforce needs.


  • Deepti Sawhney, CEO & Founder, Mahattattva
  • I-Pang Fu, Learning Innovation Program Manager, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Jonathan Nalder, Mission Commander, futurewe.org
  • Jake Hirsch-Allen, Economic Graph and Learning Solutions for Higher Education Lead, LinkedIn
  • Emily Wray, Course Director, Full Sail University


September 27, 2018 @ 5pm Central US Time: Building Constellations of Innovation


Too often our human networks are parochial and insular; participating organizations are similar in composition and mission, causing innovation to become stagnant in an echo chamber without diversity of perspective and thought. The concept of constellations expands the group dynamic to include a wider variety of individuals and organizations from different sectors or with different focuses, spurring participants to learn from each other and push the envelope past comfortable modes of thinking. During this online event, a panel subject matter experts will share their perspectives about how we an evolve existing networks and build new ones to resemble constellations of innovation.



  • Cristiana Assumpção, STEAM and Educational Technology Director, Earth2Class, Columbia University / Consultoria EDUC'4X100
  • Angela Gunder,  Director of Instructional Design & Curriculum Development, University of Arizona
  • David Thomas, Director of Academic Technology, University of Colorado Denver | Anchutz Medical Campus


November 6, 2018 @ 4pm US Central Time: Recognizing All Forms of Learning

To remain relevant, higher education must champion lifelong learning, which entails informal learning experiences and professional development. A growing emphasis on competency mastery over seat time means there is more to the journey than the traditional degree. Developments in micro-credentialing and digital badging are forging new pathways for learners to demonstrate and gain formal recognition for upskilling in flexible, shorter courses, with industry supporting continuous learning through professional development programming. How can we integrate a wider variety of learning experiences into institutions in ways that lead to learner success and relevant workforce development? Join us as subject matter experts share their perspectives and considerations for better recognizing learning, wherever and however it occurs. 


  • Lisa Gustinelli, Director of Instructional Technology, St. Vincent Ferrer School
  • Rowan de Faria, Director, Herberger Online Learning, Arizona State University
  • Tracy Petrillo, Chief Learning Officer, Construnction Specifications Institute
  • Meredith Toth, Assistant Dean, Digital Learning, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University
  • David Vidal, Educational Project Manager, Aonia Nueva Educación (Spain)


December 13, 2018 @ 9AM US Mountain Time: Personalizing Learning


The promise of personalized learning is now more than 25 years in the making, aiming to meet individual learner needs, wherever they are, to help them create and achieve their goals while attaining established learning outcomes. Convergences in learning analytics, blockchain, machine learning, and adaptive learning are making it possible for institutions to understand each learner’s needs and respond with timely resources, interventions, and experiences. The same technological capabilities can enable learners to take even more ownership of their educational pathways. Participate in a discussion with a panel of experts on their dreams for personalized learning, how to do it, and how it drive it to scale.




  • Dale Johnson, Adaptive Program Manager, EdPlus, Arizona State University
  • Megan Linos, Director of Learning Experience Design and Online Education at the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation (DTEI), University of California Irvine
  • Heather McCullough, Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, UNC Charlotte



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