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Shaping EDU's 5 Calls To Action

ShapingEDU's Calls To Action drive our dynamic programs, output-focused projects, mission-driven activations and unconventional events. ShapingEDU's Community of dreamers, doers, and drivers from across the world to connect, surface challenges, create collaboration opportunities and set in motion projects with sharable and actionable outputs. By rallying the ShapingEDU Community around issues facing education, we empower lifelong learners to thrive.


1) Design the dynamic “new now”

In the midst of an ever changing world of dynamic, complex challenges, we are called to continually pivot, learn, and actively design our “new now.” Together, the ShapingEDU Community surfaces learning challenges and emerging insights, transforms them into actionable opportunities, and shapes better futures for living and learning. We strive to integrate a wide variety of learning experiences into institutions in ways that lead to learner success and relevant workforce development. ShapingEDU focuses our efforts around equity and inclusion, learner agency and intergenerational leadership.

2) Humanize and democratize learning for students’ whole, authentic self

ShapingEDU prioritizes lifelong learner success. This means we must recognize, respect, and welcome the complex humanity of learners and educators. We intentionally integrate intentional empathetic and authentic elements into learning systems that make learners feel welcome, respected, supported, and understood. ShapingEDU values individuals over affiliations and strive to build communities and design programs to support the wellbeing of lifelong learners’ whole, authentic selves.


3) Foster Serious Play through immersive experiences & XR

The ShapingEDU Community drives value-led change and cultivates antifragile learning futures by leveraging games, play, immersive technologies, and serious fun. We cultivate joy, model play and build community to energize, empower and support changemakers. ShapingEDU designs interactive experiences that enable our community to gain practical knowledge from the metaverse to develop authentic understanding and future-focused thinking skills that lead learning innovation.

4) Enable data-driven & evidence-based learning futures

ShapingEDU empowers changemakers to leverage technology (including artificial intelligence), in tandem with human capacity, to deepen learning and advising, enable personalized content delivery, and illuminate engagement insights to instructors and institutions. In this work, we strive to go beyond information to understanding; we center learner agency, humanity and value-led practices.


5) Empower builders of digital fluency & digital inclusion

We intentionally build human-centric digital futures for lifelong learner success. ShapingEDU advances digital transformation (Dx) by advocating for accessibility to learning environments, world-class knowledge, discovery, creativity and innovation at a scale that is socially meaningful. The ShapingEDU Community views human-centric technology as a powerful tool for human connection and positive social futures and leverages the power of community building and storytelling to advance our vision.


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