Shaping EDU's 5 Calls To Action

ShapingEDU's Calls To Action drive our dynamic programs, output-focused projects, mission-driven activations and unconventional events. ShapingEDU's Community of dreamers, doers, and drivers from across the world connect to share ideas, discuss emergent topics, surface challenges, share collaboration opportunities and set in motion projects with sharable and actionable outputs. By rallying the ShapingEDU Community around issues facing education, we empower lifelong learners and educators to thrive.

2023 Calls To Action

ShapingEDU 2023 Calls To Action

1) Integration of AI for Impactful Teaching & Learning

Building Effective & Ethical Human-Technology Ecosystems 
ShapingEDU prioritizes lifelong learner success. This means we must recognize, respect, and welcome the complex humanity of learners and educators.  Artificial Intelligence in education (AIED) has the potential to create individualized learning journeys that maximizes learners' experiences at every step. ShapingEDU empowers changemakers to leverage technology in tandem with human capacity, to deepen learning and advising, enable personalized content delivery, and illuminate engagement insights to instructors and institutions. In this work, we strive to go beyond information to understanding; we center learner agency, humanity and value-led practices. How can we help educators discover and embrace AI tools for greater universal learner accessibility and personalization?

2) Digital Transformation of Learning Environments

Educating With No Time or Space Constraints 
One of our key takeaways from the pandemic is that learners want to be able to engage anytime from anywhere in the "new now". Using advanced technology, XR tools and immersive experiences, how can we design global-ready physical and virtual classrooms optimized for hybrid and hyflex learning that empower learners to thrive?

3) Playful Learning

Developing Playful Pedagogy with Gamification & Game-Based Learning 
Playful pedagogy cultivates agency, curiosity and resiliency for lifelong learners. ShapingEDU aspires to bring joy back to teaching and learning, and improve learner motivation and engagement through project-based learning and exceptional digitally-enhanced experiences. Serious play is a powerful tool for developing soft skills (tenacity, leadership, teamwork, decision-making) and hard skills (data analysis, strategic problem solving). How can we empower educators to incorporate game-based learning and gamification into their pedagogical practices?

4) Wholistic Wellness of Learners & Educators

Prioritizing Mental Health, Resiliency and Retention
One in five children struggle with emotional, behavioral or mental health disorders, 80% of which are untreated. About 33% of undergraduates do not complete their degree program. 40% of new teachers leave within the first five years. Over 50% of educators are considering leaving the industry or early retirement. Social-emotional skill building is critical for learner success, and community building is key for educator retention. What are educators' roles in strengthening learner well-being? How can new tech tools help us address educator burnout and learner retention?

5) Democratization & Decentralization of Education Paths

Designing Non-Traditional, Equitable Lifelong (L)earner Journeys
Blockchain technology is decentralizing education (DeEd), and people can now take learning into their own hands. The future workforce will be required to learn new skills to adapt and thrive in our rapidly changing new world. The EdTech community needs to help achieve UNESCO's SDG4 by preparing for decentralized education using new tools and processes designed to work across the sector and encourage participation and adoption. By embracing interdisciplinary skills-based learning, dual enrollment programs, Year 13 programs, modular credentialing and global credit exchange networks, we intentionally build human-centric digital futures for lifelong learner success. How can we use Web3 tools to prepare educators and learners for an excitingly unpredictable future? 

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