ASU ShapingEDU Community

You’re a changemaker at your education organization -- or you’d like to be. You see the value of being in a diverse community of changemakers who are catalyzing learning innovation and addressing the complex challenges that hinder it. Welcome to ShapingEDU!

The ShapingEDU Global Community is made up of educators, students, researchers, storytellers, edtech creators and education futurists from all over the world. This volunteer community of dreamers, doers and drivers is shaping the future of learning in the digital age. We are value-led changemakers who envision positive learning futures and undertake concrete action to bring about those futures, together.


ASU ShapingEDU Community Roles


ShapingEDU Field Agents 

Our newly created Field Agent role provides an entry point into the Community for all who are interested in getting involved with ShapingEDU. Field Agents play a critical role of providing input to the ShapingEDU Community about challenges faced by and and opportunities that exist within their individual communities. By letting ShapingEDU know what’s happening in your communities, you will help ShapingEDU assess what’s on the horizon and help educators around the world prepare for future obstacles and opportunities. Field Agents are eligible, but not obligated, to engage in project work, attend invitation-only events, to be invited to join Action Teams and connect with other with fellow dreamers, doers and drivers in ShapingEDU's Slack channel. Field Agents must also agree to enact ShapingEDU Community values and code of conduct.

After a six-month exploratory period, Field Agents are welcome to remain in this role, or apply for other Community opportunities.

Interested in becoming a ShapingEDU Field Agent? Click here!

 ShapingEDU Special Agents 

Special Agents are either subject mattter experts or liaisons from a country outside of North America who can help our global Community understand the challenges, opportunities and accomplishments of their local communities. 

ShapingEDU Emerging Innovators 

Emerging Innovators are students or recent graduates who seek to build their changemaking skills. By engaging with seasoned education industry professionals in project work or informal mentoring sessions, Emerging Innovators have the opportunity to learn from thought leaders and fellow changemakers from around the world while impacting global education futures.

ShapingEDU Groundbreakers

Groundbreakers lead the community by:

  • Participating in triannual Community Leader Salons to help process Community input and define action plans
  • Cultivating Community leaders by engaging with members at and between events, including via Slack and within Action Team(s)
  • Participating in monthly virutal ShapingEDU Community Leadership calls via Zoom
  • Attending ShapingEDU events (when possible)
  • Drive tangible outputs by being involved in a project(s) related to their interests
  • Enact ShapingEDU Community values and code of conduct
  • Must be a FIeld Agent for at least six months before applying

Within the Groundbreakers team, there are several opportunities:

Innovators In Residence

  • Groundbreaker who leads an Action Team that supports one of ShapingEDU’s Calls To Action with one or more output-focused projects.
  • Works with Storyteller In Residence to report out to ShapingEDU Community via blog articles and presentations at ShapingEDU events.
  • Work with Harvester to develop at least one resource (e.g. online class, digital toolkit, workshop) collectively designed and created by the Action Team each year.
  • Five positions, two-year term. Must be a Groundbreaker for at least one year before applying. 


  • Output-focused Groundbreaker who works with the leaders of the five Action Teams to develop at least one resource per project (e.g. online class, digital toolkit, workshop).
  • Two-year term. Must be an Innovator In Residence for at least one year before applying. 

Storytellers In Residence

  • Groundbreaker that facilitates learning experiences and tells stories utilizing various channels, such as blog articles about project work, social posts about sharable resources or graphic summaries of event sessions for the ShapingEDU website.
  • Five positions, two-year term. Must be a Groundbreaker for at least one year before applying.


  • Groundbreaker that focuses on onboarding new ShapingEDU Community members by helping them find ways to contribute to and be involved in ShapingEDU Action Teams, projects and events.
  • Engages Community through Slack and LinkedIn with conversation starters and focus prompts.
  • One position, two year term. Must be a Storyteller In Residence for at least one year before applying. 

 ShapingEDU Lifelong Change Leaders

Lifelong Change Leaders are the informal leaders of the ShapingEDU Community. Most are former Groundbreakers who no longer hold a formal role within the Community but choose to continue to participate and enact leadership. Their wisdom, experience and continued informal leadership is very valuable to the ongoing health and strength of the Community.


Want to partner or collaborate with ShapingEDU in another way? Let's talk! Please email Stephanie Pierotti, ShapingEDU's Director, at to discuss how we can make amazing things happen.