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Arizona Digital Inclusion Celebration Summit 2022

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Introduction: Shaping the Futures of Learning in the Digital Age
Samantha Adams Becker, Sean M. Leahy, Kim Flintoff, M.Ed MACEL, Ben Scragg, MA, MBA

Humanizing Online Teaching to Equitize Higher Education
Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Michael Smedshammer, Kim Vincent-Layton

The STAC Model: Rethinking the Basic Functionality of Informal Learning Spaces
Tom Haymes

The Value of Imperfect Videos
Karen Costa

Using Certificates to Engage Faculty in Professional Development
Heather McCullough, Kim Buch

Spatial Computing: Creating the Future of Learning
Emory Craig, Maya Georgieva

Foreword: The Final Installment
Samantha Adams Becker, Sean M. Leahy

Designing Learning Experiences for the Future of Learning in the Digital Age: A Proposed Framework
Derek Thurber

Inclusive Access for All
Marcia Dority Baker, Jaci Lindburg

Inclusive Campus Environments: An Untapped resource for Fostering Learner Success
Susan Whitmer

Helping STEM Students Thrive: Adult Learning Pathways
Patrice Torcivia Prusko

The Digitization of White Women's Tears
Niki Messmore

Innovatively Preparing the Teacher Workforce: Virtual Learning Environments
Anni Reinking

Self-Mapped Learning Pathways: Theoretical Underpinnings and Practical Course Design for Individualized Learning
Matt Crosslin

A Collective Case-Study on Navigating Faculty Bilingualism, with reflections on the Research Experience
Laura Geringer

Catalyzing a Culture of Care and Innovation Through Perscriptive and Impact Analytics To Create Full-Cycle Learning
David Kil, Angela Baldasare, Mark Milliron

Thinking Backward: A Knowledge Network for the Next Century
Tom Haymes

The Castle and The Paths: A Story with Two Endings
A. Michael Berman