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ShapingEDU is a community of dreamers, doers, and drivers shaping the future of learning in the digital age. The vision is for changemaking individuals from a wide variety of learning-focused organizations across the world to collaborate on big ideas for transforming education. By deliberate design, ShapingEDU is action-oriented and believes the future is what we invent it to be. 

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At the ShapingEDU kick-off during the inaugural Unconference in April 2018, members of the community identified major themes in education that require strategic planning and focused action; 10 constructive actions emerged as our founding and guiding light. Each of the 10 actions represents a "neighborhood" in the greater ShapingEDU community that collectively drives innovations to improve student success, collaboration, leadership, next-generation learning environments, and digital fluency. The 2019 ShapingEDU Unconference took place March 11-13, with the mission of advancing those 10 Actions by exploring what education utopia would look like in 2039 and strategizing how to achieve it. The 2019 ShapingEDU communique captures the collection wisdom from the 2019 Unconference, encompassing the themes and calls to action necessary to achieve a more equitable, engaging future for learning. 

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For those wanting more information, ShapingEDU LIVE -- our online event series -- delves into our 10 Actions monthly, led by diverse panels of experts working in and around education. Ready to get involved today? Apply to join our online community via to connect with fellow dreamers, doers, and drivers, and sign up to receive official ShapingEDU communications.

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