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Light Sculpture at the Skysong Campus, ASU

When Worlds Collide: Play and Conformity in Education

Jazz records

Discover what jazz and education have in common at ShapingEDU’s 2023 Global Community Solutioneering Summit

Trim Castle ruin

ChatGPT Exposes the Dubious Economics of Learning Systems

Circles Hell on the Interior of Florence's il Duomo

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About ChatGPT

US Government Interactive Course Map

Mapmaking as Sensemaking

ShapingEDU Connected World

Wrapping up 2022: The year in review

It's hard to believe that winter is here, and the new year is just around the corner.

I want my…I want my IN-terr-net

Woman helping man on computer.

Resources from the Arizona Digital Inclusion Celebration Summit

Woman in yellow sweater wearing gold bracelets typing on laptop computer on a wooden table.

Take the pledge to become a Digital Inclusion Champion

Hands open holding digital network at sunset

Changemakers share how they are advancing solutions at the Arizona Digital Inclusion Celebration Summit

Augmenting Tools

World Building With the Tool Augmentation Tool

Laptop computer with colorful icons around it

Explore 75+ Useful EdTech Tools for K-12 & Higher Education

Toulmin exercise from my government class

Distributed Collective Enlightenment

Woman with glasses sitting and using tablet

ShapingEDU’s Recommended Reading List: Fall 2022 Edition

Futuristic car driving fast

More Than a Cool Ride: Designing Learning with the EdTech Quintet

Silver Lining for Learning.png

Silver Lining for Learning: 7 lessons learned from the pandemic and beyond

“What if the coronavirus forces schools to close down for more than one year?”

You’re all Different! I’m Not! - Open Loops, Systems of Learning and Collective IQ

Are We There Yet? Capturing the Evolving New Now in Learning text with image of a lighthouse at sunset behind.

Sharing pandemic-era lessons learned through storytelling

Stories help us bring facts to life and allow us to experience others’ diverse cultures and perspectives.
Astronaut with ShapingEDU flag

2022 Global Virtual Summer Camp: Embracing suspended disbelief to design a utopian education system

Tools and Spaces

Future Learning Spaces: Classrooms of the Mind

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