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ShapingEDU Unconference: Badges

Join the fun at Learning(Hu)Man and earn digital badges to wear proudly around the internet to showcase your learning!

These digital credentials may be earned for participation in ASU Learning(Hu)Man. This weeklong series of events convened a global community of education changemakers to push the creative envelope for how we serve students and advance learner success. Learning(Hu)Man participants may earn a variety of badges throughout the week of camp.

Recipients of this digital credential earned at least 4 of the Learning(hu)Man badges:

  • Learning(Hu)Man Flipping Scary Stories
  • Learning(Hu)Man Arts & Crafting Learning Experiences
  • Learning(Hu)Man (A)synchronized Swimming
  • Learning(Hu)Man Tech Hacks from the Toolshed
  • Learning(Hu)Man Happy Camper [OR] Learning(Hu)Man Scavenger Hunt (Participants can't count both of these badges toward the 4 needed to earn the Education Changemaker badge)
  • Learning(Hu)Man LearningArtist: Windows to the Future of Learning
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