Learning(Hu)Man Supplies


Before Learning(Hu)Man camp begins, let’s make sure you’re packed and ready to go:

Reusable water bottle? Check!
Bug Spray? Check!
Tech software? Let’s get started!


Missed a Session??

Don't worry we have you covered!!

All Around the Flagpole and Campfires (and most of the Neighborhood Sessions) will be available at the ShapingEDU YouTube channel. Due to the large quantity of the videos being produced over this engaging week (about 80+ videos!), it will take a couple of weeks to get them all edited and ready to share. Make sure you're subscribed to the ShapingEDU YouTube channel to be the first notified when new recordings are added!

We’ll be using the following tech platforms to create an inclusive, interactive learning environment.

What to pack in your backpack:



Please make sure you download Zoom before we meet around the campfire on Monday. Here’s Zoom quick guide to get you started!


You can also download Learning(Hu)Man desktop backgrounds--choose from the 22 designed versions or customize your own!


Slack is a fun, easy way to chat with your fellow campers, so download Slack (Windows /Mac) and get set up in the ShapingEDU Workspace. New to Slack? The Arizona State University Technology Office has created a helpful guide to help you learn this cool tool.

VirBELA is an interactive online campus that will take your camp experience to the next level. Make sure you download VirBELA before you head to camp!  


Our friends at Adobe Creative Cloud offer a 7-day free trial—the perfect amount of time to make the most of your time at Learning(Hu)Man. Be sure to download Adobe Creative Cloud on Monday morning to maximize the trial (and get the most out of this digitally immersive event). 

Key Programs that will be used this week are: 

  • Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Mix (free) 
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Spark & Spark Video (free)
  • InDesign
  • Character Animator
  • Aero (Free app for mobile)
  • Adobe XD 
  • Photoshop Camera (free app ios and android)
  • Adobe Rush (Free for 2 exports) 

Find assets for Adobe Sessions and more information here.

Welcome to our art showcase! Please make sure to fill out all the information in this form and submit your work below.