July 25 & 26: Nature Walks

Equipped with our digital camping kit of singalongs, nature walk suggestions and more, this is a chance to be active alone or together. Document it for the camp scrapbook by submitting it to the bug juice Slack channel.

All times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (this is the same as Mountain Standard Time, GMT-7).


All Day: Virtual Ocean Dive

Take a dive with your smartphone! Together with the international ocean community, The Hydrous is launching the Decade of Ocean Empathywith the world’s largest virtual global dive. Explore coral reefs with marine biologist Dr. Erika Woolsey as your guide. In the 360/VR film Immerse you will swim with manta rays, sea turtles, and sharks while you visit beautiful and threatened coral ecosystems and learn from marine scientists and young ocean advocates. 



All Day: Continue the Conversation in Slack

Use our camp Slack channels throughout the weekend to continue the conversations from the week and connect with fellow changemakers.


All Day: LearningArtist - Windows into the Future of Learning

When the only certainty is uncertainty, this is an opportunity to experiment and create a visual representation of YOUR idea of what the future of education might look like.  Your submissions will be added to a co-created virtual gallery where these Windows will showcase your imagination, creativity, and artistic skills - go wild! From photo collages to paintings to digital illustrations to gifs, show us YOUR vision through a Window to the Future of Education!

Camp Hike

10:00 a.m. Re-watch Party

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Join us each day from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in the Maroon and Gold Theaters for a re-watch party. We will replay the top Flagpole and Campfires from the week. 


12:15 p.m. Daily Guided Tour through the ASU VirBELA Campus

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Join us on Saturday or Sunday for an invigorating Camp Hike of the ASU Virtual VirBELA Campus. 

We’ll go on an invigorating Camp Hike of the ASU Virtual VirBELA Campus. Join a member of the VirBELA concierge team for a guided tour around the digital space of our home for Learning(Hu)Man 2020, and get to know the campus grounds. If you can’t make the tour at noon, you can also sign up for a personal guided tour.


All Day: Scrapbooking

Stop by the Arts & Crafts hut this weekend for scrapbooking! Choose a page, make it your own and see what your fellow campers are creating. This scrapbook is a reflection of our favorite Learning(Hu)Man memories over the past week. We collectively recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of this group -- encapsulated in this very moment in time.

Missed a Session??

Don't worry we have you covered!!

All Around the Flagpole and Campfires (and most of the Neighborhood Sessions) will be available at the ShapingEDU YouTube channel. Due to the large quantity of the videos being produced over this engaging week (about 80+ videos!), it will take a couple of weeks to get them all edited and ready to share. Make sure you're subscribed to the ShapingEDU YouTube channel to be the first notified when new recordings are added!