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Bending Communities of Learning: Exploring Extended Reality Tools

Last Friday, community members, led by Storyteller in Residence Tom Haymes, gathered for the third hackathon in the Teaching Toolset series: Bending Communities of Learning: Exploring Extended Reality Tools.  This collaborative event focused on connecting learning strategies and extended reality tools. In the next few months, we'll synthesize the insights from the Teaching Toolset hackathon series to create an actionable resource about aligning teaching strategy and too

Building Communities of Practice: Exploring Asynchronous Tools

Community members, led by Storyteller in Residence Tom Haymes, gathered yesterday to discuss asynchronous tools and connect them with a set of learning strategies. The second in a series of hackathons, Building Communities of Practice: Exploring Asynchronous Tools focsed on identifying relationships between asycnhonous teaching and learning tools and strategies for learning (learning through inquiry, for example).

Building Communities of Thought: Exploring Synchronous Tools

At yesterday's ShapingEDU LIVE: Building Communities of Thought  – Synchronous Tools, ShapingEDU community members explored synchronous tools, shared ideas and visually mapped these tools to examples and learning strategies. We'll continue this work in subsequent hackathons and, ultimately, develop a resource featuring innovate ways that these tools can be applied to strategies for reaching learners.

Building Effective Communities of Practice

“Then I dreamed that we got strategic and began to form cooperative alliances of organizations, employing advanced networked computer tools and methods to develop and apply new collective knowledge. I called these alliances Networked Improvement Communities (NICs)” – Douglas Engelbart

Introduction: The Challenge of Distributed Groups

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