Co-Convener Info

Scenes from the 2019 Unconference

Founded at ASU in 2018 with the support of a dozen institutional and corporate co-conveners, the ShapingEDU initiative has emerged as a vibrant community of practice for shaping the future of learning in the digital age. In a world of rapid technology development, ShapingEDU’s founding 10 Actions, seeded by the community, are our constant guiding lights:

Promoting Access & Equity | Building Constellations of Innovation | Connecting Education to the Workforce of the Future | Recognizing All Forms of Learning | Bolstering Intergenerational Leadership | Humanizing Learning | Personalizing Learning | Fostering Immersive Learning | Innovating Artificial Intelligence | Embedding Data-Drive Approaches

Our annual ShapingEDU Unconference is the one time each year that returning and new community members gather face-to-face to build concrete strategies for advancing and evolving our 10 Actions. Participation is by invitation only and co-conveners help seed the guest list. ASU ShapingEDU is seeking co-conveners to support and help drive activities for the 2020 Unconference.

What’s an Unconference?

At the annual ShapingEDU Unconference, participants build the agenda based on future-focused visions and concrete experiences in working in all different facets of education. This format sparks the formation of dedicated working sessions in which participants work together to solve challenges and leverage new opportunities for enhancing teaching and learning.

More Than a Sponsorship

Co-Conveners are not merely sponsors – they are thought leaders who participate alongside this community of education changemakers and contribute meaningfully to our transparent agenda of learner success and exploring the ways technology can enable it. Co-Conveners are able to invite a number of their constituents to participate. This is a mission-critical opportunity to become part of our collective history by collaboratively building the best possible future for teaching and learning.

Join Us

Co-Conveners are privy to a range of benefits, associated with four possible participation tiers: 










Unconference registrations to the invitation-only event





Logo inclusion in all web and print event and promotional collateral 

Branded breakfast or lunch (give a 30 min. talk or panel) 


Branded breakout session (give a 60 min. talk or panel as part of the formal agenda)


Year-Round ShapingEDU Community Partnership: A voice in the direction and activities for ShapingEDU beyond the unconference with a listing on the ASU ShapingEDU website (1 year with option to renew)


Jointly-branded support of a major ShapingEDU work product (e.g. a publication or virtual event)


Access to the ShapingEDU Online Community (Slack Workspace)






To become a Co-Convener, contact Samantha Becker.