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ShapingEDU Community Leadership

ASU ShapingEDU Groundbreakers are leaders and changemakers who guide the community in discussing, designing, creating and acting to make concrete, value-led change around our 5 Calls To Action.

In addition to being Groundbreakers, ShapingEDU offers two distinguished titles to select members:

ASU ShapingEDU Storytellers in Residence are education changemakers skilled in the arts of communicating and engaging communities through meaningful stories. During this year-long role, Storytellers in Residence amplify the impact of ShapingEDU's Five Calls To Action, initiatives and community work, telling the story of ShapingEDU and inviting conversation.

ASU ShapingEDU Innovators in Residence facilitate learning experiences and the creation of openly licenced resources that support learning in the digital age through the ShapingEDU projects.

Stephanie Pierotti

Stephanie Pierotti

Arizona State University, Director, ShapingEDU

  • Tempe, Arizona, United States
Photo of Samantha Becker

Samantha Adams Becker

ShapingEDU Co-founder Emeritus

  • Chicago, Illinois, United States


2021 ShapingEDU Groundbreakers

Photo of Emory Craig

Emory Craig

Digital Bodies

  • New York City, New York, United States

Co-Founder and CEO at Digital Bodies
VR Strategist & Speaker
Co-author of EDUCAUSE-ELI series “VR and AR: Stepping into the New Frontier of Learning” Former ASU ShapingEDU Innovator in Residence (2020)

Focus: educational innovation and the social impact of emerging technologies

Photo of Maya Georgieva

Maya Georgieva

The New School / Digital Bodies

  • New York City, New York, United States

XR futurist, author, and speaker
15+ years of experience in higher education and global education policy
Former ASU ShapingEDU Innovator in Residence (2020)

Focus: innovation, storytelling, immersive VR/AR experiences, learning design, design thinking, and digital strategy

Photo of Lisa Gustinelli

Lisa Gustinelli

ShapingEDU Innovator In Residence, St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School

  • West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Instructional Technology/IT Admin at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School
ISTE Seal of Alignment Reviewer
FAU Adjunct Professor Technology

Focus: advocate for technology access for all

Photo of Allison Hall

Dr. Allison Hall

Director of Learning Experience Design at ASU

  • Tempe, Arizona, United States

Focus: Working to scale learning experiences of the future for all learners

Photo of Tom Haymes

Tom Haymes, ShapingEDU Innovator In Residence

  • Houston, Texas, United States

Independent Consultant at IDEASPACES
Author of "Learn at Your Own Risk and Discovering Digital Humanity"

Focus: On a lifelong mission trying to understand how people interact with each other and with technology to produce innovation.

Photo of Ruben Puentedura

Dr. Ruben Puentedura

Hippasus, Shaping EDU Innovator in Residence

  • Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States

Education researcher and consultant
Creator of the SAMR Model and the EdTech Quintet

Focus: learning design for remote education across a range of scenarios and contexts

Photo of Paul Signorelli

Paul Signorelli

Paul Signorelli & Associates, Shaping EDU Storyteller in Residence

  • San Francisco, California, United States

Author of "Change the World Using Social Media"

Focus: positive, innovative approaches to lifelong learning, ed-tech, & fostering community/collaboration