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Community Leadership

ShapingEDU Neighborhood Mayors 

ASU ShapingEDU Mayors are leaders and changemakers who guide the community in discussing, designing, creating and acting to make concrete, value-led change around our 10 Actions ("neighborhoods").


Promote Access and Equity

Photo of Ruben Puentedura

Ruben Puentedura, Hippasus

+ Groundskeeper of Black Swan Lake


Photo of Anita Roselle

Anita Roselle, ASU




Connect Education and the Workforce of the Future

Photo of Kim Flintoff

Kim Flintoff, Curtin University


Photo of Paul Signorelli

Paul Signorelli, Paul Signorelli & Associates




Build Constellations of Innovation 

Photo of Laura Geringer

Laura Geringer, ASU / Cocreate Education

+ ShapingEDU Community Manager




 Recognize All Forms of Learning

Photo of Lisa Gustinelli

Lisa Gustinelli, St. Vincent Ferrer School


Photo of Allison Hall

Allison Hall, ASU



Personalize Learning 





Humanize Learning

Photo of Tom Haymes

Tom Haymes, Ideaspaces.net





Bolster Intergenerational Leadership for Learning Futures


Natalie Miller


Photo of Trevor Ellis

Trevor Ellis, Oral Roberts University



Foster Immersive Learning

Photo of Emory Craig

Emory Craig, Digital Bodies

+ 2020 ASU ShapingEDU Innovator in Residence


Photo of Maya Georgieva

Maya Georgieva, The New School / Digital Bodies

+ 2020 ASU ShapingEDU Innovator in Residence



Innovate Artificial Intelligence Applications

Photo of Nancy Rubin

Nancy Rubin, Nancy Rubin Consulting

+ 2020 ASU ShapingEDU Innovator in Residence




 Embed Data-Driven Approaches for Student Success

Photo of Tanya Joosten

Tanya Joosten, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee






Community Leadership

Photo of Samantha Becker

Samantha Adams Becker, ASU