Digital Belonging: Accessibility, Fluency & Inclusion


ShapingEDU Call To Action #5: Empower builders of digital fluency & digital inclusion

ShapingEDU Call To Action #1: Design the dynamic “new now”
ShapingEDU Call To Action #2: Humanize learning for students’ whole, authentic self


The ShapingEDU Community is a group of committed educators, students, researchers, storytellers, ed-tech creators, and education futurists from around the world. This Action Team focuses on advocating for policy and systems in alignment with long-standing ShapingEDU calls to action that recognize the existing intersections among work, education, civic, and personal communities. At its heart, this is a social justice initiative that aspires to empower every single individual so that they may thrive.

Together, we are:

  • fostering universal broadband which is affordable, accessible, equitable, reliable, secure, and high-speed for everyone, everywhere throughout the United States;
  • creating an environment where everyone can gain digital fluency skills so that they may actively engage in civic communities, work, education, and personal communications;
  • promoting accessibility to learning environments, world-class knowledge, discovery, creativity and innovation at a socially meaningful scale.

We advocate for affordable access to:

  • high-speed connectivity so that everyone may participate effectively in urban and rural areas as both content consumers and creators;
  • devices (smartphones/tablets/computers) necessary to connect to the network infrastructure; and
  • digital fluency instruction necessary to use their devices efficiently and effectively.

We are strongly committed to crafting a more equitable future in society, a theme that flows through much of the ShapingEDU community’s work. We hope you’ll join us!


Team 5

Connecting For Work and Learning: Universal Broadband Access in the United States
Promoting access to universal broadband (i.e. high-speed Internet) throughout the United States for employment and lifelong learning

The need for universal broadband access throughout the United States is receiving much attention and support. It has become increasingly clear that policy initiatives, technology infrastructure, skills development, and equitable access are priorities among broad constituencies in urban and rural areas, and with our state and federal governments.

We are not in this alone. Our strength is in the collaborative nature of our community. We can play a significant role in fostering universal broadband access throughout the United States by serving as advocates, learning facilitators, and connectors (bringing together groups that benefit from working together rather than working alone).



Stephanie Pierotti
Director - ShapingEDU at Arizona State University



Lisa Gustinelli
Shaping EDU Groundbreaker & Innovator In Residence
Instructional Technology/IT Admin at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School
ISTE Seal of Alignment Reviewer
FAU Adjunct Professor Technology
Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Focus: advocate for technology access for all

Paul Signorelli
Shaping EDU Groundbreaker & Storyteller in Residence
Writer-trainer-consultant-presenter at Paul Signorelli & Associates
Based in San Francisco, California, United States
Focus: Libraries and workplace learning



Adero C E Allison, PhD (she, her)
University Technology Office at Arizona State University
Assistant Director - Leading Transformation, Engagement and Access Initiatives
Focus: Increasing Engagement, Decreasing Barriers

Steven Crawford
District Director, Maricopa Center for Learning and Innovation at Maricopa Community Colleges

Mark Goldstein
President, International Research Center
Chairman, Arizona Telecom & Information Council (ATIC)
Technophile and Technology Visionary, Activist, Advisor, and Entrepreneur

Christopher Johnson
Assistant Professor Emeritus
College of Applied Science and Technology, The University of Arizona
Intersections of Physical and Digital Learning Spaces

Steve Peters
Arizona COVID-19 Digital Access Task Force
Arizona Broadband Stakeholder Network
Greater Arizona Educational Leadership

Ruben Puentedura, Shaping EDU Innovator in Residence
Education researcher and consultant; creator of the SAMR Model and the EdTech Quintet
Based in Western MA (Williamstown, MA)
Project Focus: learning design for remote education across a range of scenarios and contexts 

Raja Rao
ENEN Training & Consulting, Visiting Faculty/Management Consultant
Based in Bangalore, India

Brent Scholar (he/him/his)
Professor and Leadership and Diversity Consultant at Arizona State University

Barnaby Wasson
Deputy Information Security Officer at Arizona State University