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ShapingEDU Call To Action #2: Humanize and democratize learning for students’ whole, authentic self

ShapingEDU Call To Action #1: Design the dynamic “new now”

Stephanie Pierotti
Director - ShapingEDU at Arizona State University

PREMISE: The ShapingEDU Emerging Credentials Standards Action Team is a community dedicated to identifying the value of emerging credentials (such as badges, digital credentials, microcredentials, etc) to support the relationship between learners, employers and higher education. We support ShapingEDU’s call to action to Design the dynamic “new now”. Through this work we seek to guide higher education institutions in creating (for credit) microcredentials which offer value and relevance to its learners, as well as determine how the growing marketplace of non-credit microcredentials can be "embedded" as part of its traditional degree programs. The objective is to assist HE institutions in delivering value quicker in the form of smaller credentials to help the learner articulate/demonstrate their academic and experiential learning along their pathway to degree.


Team 2


Dr. Allison Hall
Director of Learning Experience Design at Arizona State University
Based in Tempe, Arizona

David Thomas
Executive Director for Online Programing at University of Denver
Based in Denver, Colorado