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SHapingEDU Space Camp


June 21 - 23, 2022 | 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. PT each day



ShapingEDU Global Virtual Summer Camp


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Two words: SPACE CAMP. (mic drop)

At ASU ShapingEDU's Global Virtual Summer Camp, changemakers from around the world will convene for an experimental fusion of hands-on learning, storytelling, tech hacks and the good kind of shenanigans! 

  • Stargaze into the EdTech universe, and learn tips & tricks from both the ShapingEDU Community and the developers of new EdTech tools
  • Hear from ShapingEDU Space Explorers (action team leaders) about the projects they’ve been working on since February’s Pente Pitch Challenge
  • Design a futuristic technology-fueled educational system for Mars in a hands-on team workshop

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Space Camp Agenda

Space Camp Agenda | Day 1

Space Camp Agenda | Day 2

Mars Activity


Detailed Living Agenda

About Our Space Camp itinerary

Our mission at Space Camp this summer will include three half-days long and will give you many opportunities to dream, do and drive with a strong Community of educators, technologists and lifelong learners. 

Days 1 & 2

During the first two days of this event, we’ll explore new technology and what’s on the horizon for education. We'll also observe what’s working (and what’s not) from education systems around the globe. 

You'll have the option to participate in workshops in the following three tracks:

  • Teaching & Learning: Check out some of the latest and greatest discoveries from   changemakers who are paving the way for the future of education.
  • EdTech Tools: Discover tips and tricks from both the ShapingEDU Community and the developers of new EdTech tools.
  • Education 2030: What will learning look like less than 10 years from now? Stargaze into the EdTech universe to explore the possibilities and best prepare for 2030 and beyond.

Day 3

On the third day, we’ll take what we learned and develop an education system for Mars from scratch. Once we’ve mapped out our ideal education system, we’ll figure out how we can get Earth’s education systems a bit closer to that utopia while creating a tangible output that will be shared with the ShapingEDU Community and beyond.

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DISCLAIMER: No astronauts or space creatures were manifested into existence or harmed in the creation of the illustrations and workshops associated with this event. Although the ShapingEDU Community is filled with astronomy-loving sci-fi nerds who wish they could attend space camp (whether they had the privilege of attending as kids or not), none of us have been through astronaut training – that we know of! – nor is ShapingEDU associated with the stellar groups within ASU that actually do work with NASA. 

While we don't anticipate that our workshops will result in the creation of an actual education system for another planet – you never know! We do dream big and love to explore the art of the possible. We are a community of dreamers, doers and drivers, and we aspire to make this planet as conducive to the success of all lifelong learners as possible. 

As a wise humanoid named Klaatu once said, "the universe grows smaller every day." Live long and proper, folks. May the force be with you, and nanu nanu. 

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