Innovators in Residence

ASU ShapingEDU Innovators in Residence are education changemakers with a track record of bringing to fruition impactful learning innovations. During this year-long role, Innovators in Residence will be facilitating learning experiences and the creation of openly licenced resources that support learning in the digital age through the ShapingEDU LIVE/CoAction Learning Lab series. They will also be leading specialized projects that help advance ShapingEDU's 10 Actions.


2020-2021 Innovators in Residence

Photo of Lisa Gustinelli

Lisa Gustinelli

Lisa Gustinelli has been an IT administrator and Instructional Technologist for K-12 schools since the implementation of a 1:1 program in the school where she was formerly a classroom teacher for fifteen years. She has been inspired by the progression of technology adoption as it has continued to enhance student instruction and has been involved in Educational Technology at the national and international level.

She has presented regularly at major EdTech conferences such as ISTE, NMC, Blackboard World, and FETC on the latest trends, instructional practices and professional development implementation in 21st Century schools. She was invited to speak about student centered teacher-led instruction with fellow technology leaders and innovative educators at the SMART Education conference in Beijing, China.

Lisa is an active webinar panelist for many EdTech organizations, has served as an ASU Shaping EDU Mayor of the Recognizing all Forms of Learning Community, and most recently was selected as a key advisor on the COSN Driving K-12 Innovation report. She is also a freelance Instructional Designer for the Professional Learning Academy and the OLC.

She shares her expertise as an adjunct professor of Instructional Technology (EME2040) for aspiring teachers at Florida Atlantic University.

An advocate for digital equity, her most inspirational role in technology started in 2011 when she founded a philanthropy called Madagascar in My Heart, which has brought technology to children living in abject poverty in order to enrich their lives in a positive way. The philanthropy, has opened seven computer labs in Madagascar, South Africa, Myanmar and Haiti.

Lisa’s latest project is her involvement as a mentor to students who are pushing to close the digital divide with funding from a project selected though Palm Beach County’s Philanthropy Tank organization entitled “Idea lab”. The project will bring technology to migrant children living in a rural area with little or no access to broadband or devices.


Title: IT Administrator/Instructional Technology Specialist St. Vincent Ferrer School

Photo of Ruben Puentedura

Ruben R. Puentedura

Dr. Ruben Puentedura is the Founder and President of Hippasus, a consulting firm based in Western Massachusetts, focusing on transformative applications of information technologies to education. He has implemented these approaches for over thirty years at a range of K-20 educational institutions, as well as health and arts organizations. He is the creator of the SAMR model for selecting, using, and evaluating technology in education, which currently guides the work of multiple learning projects worldwide. He is also the author of The EdTech Quintet, a categorization of the core technology toolset required for education derived from the Horizon Report. Both models are components of his evolving toolkit for Black Swan and antifragile thinking, part of an ongoing project that he has been developing for the past decade. Other facets of his work explore new directions in mobile computing, digital storytelling, learning analytics, and educational gaming, focusing on applications in areas where they have not been traditionally employed.

Photo of Anita Roselle

Anita Roselle

Anita Roselle is a first-generation college student on a personal mission to find the ideal work + life balance. She is passionate about improving each step of the academic journey of non-traditional students in higher education and is thrilled to be collaborating with likeminded individuals within the ShapingEDU community. Anita has spent the last nine years in a leadership role at the global coffee chain Starbucks and is excited for change and to have a new opportunity as an Innovator in Residence and Co-Mayor of the Promoting Access + Equity neighborhood.

Anita is currently earning her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Communication from Arizona State University.

In her down time, Anita enjoys gardening, exploring local hiking trails and watching home renovation projects on You Tube. She currently lives in Texas with her young son.

2019-2020 Innovators in Residence

Photo of Emory Craig

Emory Craig

Emory is the Cofounder and Partner at Digital Bodies, a consulting group and a popular website for news and analysis of immersive technologies. He has worked with educational institutions, libraries, and international organizations to implement innovative learning environments and spark creative transformation. He has spoken at conferences around the world and recently served on an expert panel for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to develop preliminary policy recommendations for the use of AI in learning environments. As a futurist and writer, he is fascinated by the ways VR and AI will transform human experience and concerned by the potential ethical challenges. He focuses on the personal and organizational strategies we will need to learn and live in the future where experiences are available on demand, and the boundary between the real and the virtual disappear. An active participant in the NYC startup community, his background spans business, higher education, and the art world.

Photo of Maya Georgieva

Maya Georgieva

Maya is a futurist, educational strategist, and an immersive media designer. Her work in immersive media and the future of learning is featured in education and industry forums and publications across the globe. As the Director of Digital Learning and XReality Center at the New School, Maya works to engage the community and provide strategic leadership in creating an institutional culture and capacity for innovative design with emerging technologies, XR and AI. She is the co-author of the EDUCAUSE-ELI Transforming Higher Education Immersive Learning Series and has authored white papers and research studies on the future of Higher Education and Immersive Learning in EDUCAUSE Review, The Chronicle of Higher Education, EdTech Magazine, EdSurge, and Edutopia among others. Maya is the co-founder of Digital Bodies, an award-winning website focusing on VR/AR/MR, and their impact on media and society. She has worked with Google, HP, Microsoft, Intel, and various education and non-profit organizations on developing immersive experiences and strategy. She has provided insights to the United Nations and the European Commission on policy recommendations on the future of learning and work.

Photo of Nancy Rubin

Nancy Rubin

Dr. Nancy Rubin is a recognized expert in online learning, higher education and instructional and curriculum design. Dr. Rubin is the Dean of Continuing and Distance Education  at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota and also leads a consulting firm that helps institutions customize and implement online learning programs. Prior to working at Northwestern Health Sciences, Dr. Rubin led the University of Northern Colorado Extended Campuses and Online Learning at Columbia University. Dr. Rubin holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Studies from Florida Atlantic University, an MS in Information Systems from Marist College and a BS in Marketing from Syracuse University.