July 21: Flipping Scary Stories


Sharing perspectives on how people have waded through the fear of starting something new; ideas around surfacing an innovative project/idea and getting investment -- emotionally, financially and spiritually; and designing and scaling learning futures + innovation.

All times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (this is the same as Mountain Standard Time, GMT-7).

Mess Hall & Banter

7:30 a.m. Mess hall breakfast + banter

Bryan Alexander

Start your day right with informal conversation and virtual breakfast, led by Head Happy Camper Bryan Alexander -- the emcee for the day. Take this time to greet new and old friends, fill your canteen and kick off the day with a bit of fun.

Raising the Flagpole

8:00 a.m. Around the Flagpole: What Matters + Why: Whittling the Future of Education

Hosted by 

Keynote by ASU President Michael Crow with leadership panel

"For our society to achieve its ideal there cannot be an unequal distribution of its most important asset – education." – Michael M. Crow, ASU President


Join President Michael Crow and panelists to kick off LearningMan 2020. By design, LearningMan is for all. Universal design and access, when applied to education, means that education must be for everyone. Arizona State University has embraced the concept of the Universal Learner as the core of our charter is that we are "not measured by whom we exclude but whom we include." So, how do we shape a more equitable future of learning?  President Crow will share his vision for education in service of everyone, illuminating new models of teaching and learning that have emerged from the pandemic; there is no one-size fits all approach and institutions must accelerate efforts to democratize learning.

A followup panel, hosted by Workday, will provide a diversity of education leadership perspectives on the “next normal” -- the one we’re creating together. What are the chasms we face and what are the bridges we need to build? What are our visions for the future of learning and how can we realize them? What new skills do we need? The panel will set the tone for a LearningMan experience that has an intentional bend towards action.



CEO Jenny Rickard, the Common App
Palm Beach State College President Parker
Marymount University President Becerra

Jenny Rickard 

Common App CEO

President Ava Parker

Palm Beach State College

President Irma Becerra

Marymount University

Moderated by: 

Robert Steele, Workday Vice President - Higher Education

Robert Steele

Workday Vice President
Higher Education

Neighborhood Sessions

Neighborhood Breakout Sessions

9:15 a.m. Sessions

The Power of Story

Walter Parkes, Chairman and Co-founder, Dreamscape Immersive

Explore the power of storytelling with Walter Parkes, screenwriter of films such as WarGames and Sneakers, producer or executive producer of more than 50 films including the Men In Black Series, Minority Report, Gladiator, and Catch Me If You Can.   Walter was the Head of Motion Pictures at DreamWorks Studios for its first 12 years and is now the Chairman and Co-founder of Dreamscape Immersive, the industry leader in the creation of fully immersive, story-based virtual reality experiences.

Four Icon Challenge: Adobe Illustrator Narrative Game

Mr Lukas Engqvist

Based on graphic design luminary Kyle Tezak's Four Icon Challenge, we use the power of Adobe Illustrator to see how narratives can be distilled down into four icons. Could you express the themes and structure of Star Wars or Breaking Bad in 4 icons? Lukas/Kevin will guide you through this powerful activity, one that requires focus, abstraction and a sharp eye for the perfect image. Will your four icons form a masterpiece of reductionism?

Find assets for Adobe Sessions and more information here.

Using Design Thinking to Close the Digital Divide

Lisa Gustinelli-Innovator in Residence ShapingEDU, Paul Signorelli-Storyteller in Residence ShapingEDU, Gordon Shupe-Science, Educational Tech Consultant/Trainer, Jonathan Nalder-FutureWe , EDU

This will be an interactive session focusing on solutions to Connecting for Work and Learning specifically through Universal Broadband in the United States. We will explore the issue, tell our stories and use the design thinking model to collaboratively make recommendations and define actions to push this initiative forward.

Learning Futures: Avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse to Create the Brave New World 

Heather Haseley & Dan Munnerley  Co-Executive Directors and Lead Design Architects, Learning Futures, ASU & Kim Flintoff, Learning Futures Advisor, Curtin University

In this skin-crawling session, feed your brain (brains, braaaains!) with fresh perspectives from innovators who have dared to challenge archaic approaches and lived to tell the story. View the next-generation of edu through the lens of horror movie tropes that the presenters, learning futures architects from the US and Australia, have personally experienced. Navigating the unwritten chapters of teaching and learning will entail plot twists (hello COVID! and What funding?) and diverse casts of characters. How we approach each small element of the story has grand implications for the learners turning to institutions to carve out their own happy endings. Join Heather, Kim and Dan for actionable tips for making it all manageable -- because sometimes the monsters turn out to be just trees. Together, let’s deploy bold new narratives in education ... and save the world.

Reaching New Heights: Financial Planning in the Cloud

Susan Wynn, Info. Systems Manager, Budget & Planning System, ASU. Ida Quamina, Managing Director, Planning and Strategy, Higher Education and Healthcare, Huron Consulting

ASU is transitioning to Workday Adaptive Planning to enable a future state enterprise budget and planning solution that will streamline business processes and promote performance driven financial planning and budgeting.  Join us for a camp fire chat with Susan Wynn, Information Systems Manager, Office of Planning and Budget, to learn more about ASU's decision to move to a cloud based budget and planning system and next generation planning tool.  She will also share with us how ASU's innovative implementation model had an unanticipated benefit amidst a pandemic.

GSV Ventures
Power of Diversity in EdTech Investing

Moderated by Karina Jhangiani, an investor at GSV Ventures, this conversation will feature: Sandro Olivieri (Founder & President of Productive LLC), Isabelle Hau (Partner at Imaginable Futures), Shauntel Garvey (General Partner at Reach Capital), and André Bennin (Managing Partner at NewU Venture Partners).

Circle around the campfire and listen to a diverse group of investors and startup mentors comment on the importance of diversity in edtech investing from both an internal team building and an external entrepreneur-backing perspective. This session will comment on the changes needed within the VC & entrepreneurial communities to ensure a more inclusive and equitable landscape.

New Challenges for College Retention in the COVID-19 Era: Live taping of the EdSurge Podcast

Jeff Young, higher education editor, EdSurge; Mordecai I. Brownlee, vice president of student success at St. Philip's College in San Antonio, Texas; Marjorie Blen, a student at City College of San Francisco and a senior fellow at the nonprofit Students Making a Change.

Each week the EdSurge Podcast explores how education is changing, and on this episode we'll look at what colleges can do to keep students on track even during the health and economic crisis of the global pandemic. Join us for this live edition of the podcast as host Jeff Young talks with college leaders and students on the front lines of this issue.

10:15 a.m. Sessions

O this learning, what a thing it is!' - Watch as Shakespeare go Digital

Phil Badham

O this learning, what a thing it is!' The Bard himself (really!) will take you on a colorful and creative whistle-stop tour of awesome creative projects for students studying the works of William Shakespeare using Adobe's creative cloud apps. From social media savvy Romeo and Juliet to movie posters of Macbeth, you'll truly see that 'there are more things in heaven and earth...than are dreamt of in your philosophy'.

Find assets for Adobe Sessions and more information here.

Creating the Flipped Monster Manual of Scary Innovation Stories

Bryan Alexander

What are the scary stories that block educational innovation, and how can we undo them? In this session we begin by collaboratively creating a Dungeons and Dragons style Monster Manual of the scary stories. Next we build a counter-manual of stories and strategies that take the sting out of fear and let creativity transpire.

Collective Embodied Learning: Weather and Heatscapes

• Julianna Gwiszcz, MSSW, PhD, Senior Sustainability Scientist | Research/Academic Professional Transformative Engagement & Capacity Initiative | Global Biosocial Complexity Initiative | LightWorks Global Futures Laboratory Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

• Garrett L Johnson, Research Lead: Telematic Embodied Learning | Synthesis Center PhD Media Arts and Sciences | School of Arts, Media + Engineering Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
• Brandon Mechtley, PhD, Research Lead: Experiential Simulations and Responsive Environments  | Synthesis Center Research Faculty  | School of Arts, Media + Engineering Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Fulton Schools of Engineering

We will present "tabletop" version of our rich responsive media environments for learning how to engage collectively, with complex interconnected ecosystems (e.g. steering weather systems "live" and infrastructures (e.g. urban heatscapes around Phoenix and campus)


  • Gabriele Carotti-Sha
  • Muindi Fanuel Muindi 
  • Peter Weisman 
  • Ivan Mendoza 
  • Tianhang Liu 
  • Andrew Robinson
The MIST Journey - Changing the Face of WiFi

Sujai Hajela – SVP and General Manager, Mist Systems, a Juniper Networks Company

Imagine working for one of the largest networking companies and deciding to forage into the unknown and create a new company and develop a new product for what many have considered being a “mature Wi-Fi market”.  Sujai Hajela will take you through his journey as he co-founded Mist systems.  Starting with a blank sheet of paper, he and his partner Bob Friday decided that they would “reimagine” Wi-Fi networking by FIRST focusing on the customer experience.   From the inception in 2014 to the eventual purchase by Juniper Networks in 2019, you will get to experience the journey and the creation of the first AI-based Wi-Fi solution that has changed the face of networking!

Using Data Science, Data and the Power of Community to Address the Student Loan Crisis

Nancy Rubin, Northwestern Health Sciences University

This session will include participants from the recent AI project with Omdena, showcase the results, solicit feedback from the audience through polls and discussion, and share a webapp prototype developed.

The Thrills and Chills of Online Assessment

Melody Buckner - AVP Digital Learning & Lisa Elfring - AVP of Instruction and Assessment, University of Arizona

The tales of online proctoring sends chills up the spine of both students and faculty. In this scary story session, we will thill the campers with our stories of online proctoring at the University of Arizona. We will share the ups and downs, the ins and outs of student and faculty experiences in this treacherous situation. The pitfalls of cheating and setting the trap will keep our campers screaming for more as we share techniques, best practices and alternatives to this necessary evil.

Driving K-12 Innovation: Hurdles, Accelerators and Tech Enablers for Education Innovation

Kim Flintoff, Learning Futures Advisor, Curtin University; Frankie Jackson, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Texas K-12 Chief Technology Officer Council; David Vidal, Chief Edtech and Innovation Officer, Aonia Nueva Educación

What are the most important Hurdles (barriers), Accelerators (mega-trends) and Tech Enablers (tools) for educators to leverage to drive innovation and enable extraordinary student outcomes? Join education changemakers and members of CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation Advisory Board to explore this question and pinpoint the most important topics for innovation in the current moment.

Camp Hike

11:15 a.m. Camp Hike + Tour : Exploring the Metaverse

Exclusively in 

What is the Metaverse? Join as we explore technical, cultural and ethical issues surrounding a live, persistent, all-encompassing virtual world, as well as how—from a variety of perspectives—panelists, are bringing the Metaverse from an idea out of science fiction to the real world’s incredible future. 

Then, refill your water bottle because we’re taking you on an invigorating Camp Hike of the ASU Virtual VirBELA Campus.  At 12:15 p.m., join a member of the VirBELA concierge team for a guided tour around the digital space of our home for Learning(Hu)Man 2020, and get to know the campus grounds. 

Note: If you can’t make the tour, you can also sign up for a personal guided tour.


With Heather HaseleyDan Munnerley, Alex HowlandRobert LiKamWa, Ben Mcilmoyle and Rachel Pohl


Mess Hall & Banter

11:30 a.m. Mess Hall Workshop: Power of Perspective

The philosophy behind rebuilding the human spirit in a world designed to hasten the demise of returning citizens. Learn about the founding of EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute and the key pillars of EDWINS success: 1)Meet someone where they are at 2) Teach to the top 3) Learning the entire perspective of the industry you're in 4) Care 5) Get out of the way.  You will also learn how you can apply these pillars to build educational pathways that connect learning with workforce opportunities. This session will also feature a French cooking demonstration.


4:15 p.m. Campfire: Humanizing Higher Education

Join Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan and Zoom Chief Diversity Officer Damien Hooper-Campbell for a special plenary session on the importance of the learner in higher education, digital environments and remote learning. Eric and Damien will share how their personal stories intertwined with so much of the work global education changemakers are doing to advance more humanizing approaches to edu.

Campfire & Mixer

5:00 p.m. Campfire - Digital Equity, Social + Racial Justice

Equitable access to the internet and technology is at the center of inclusivity in education -- a key element in the pursuit of social and racial justice. In this camp-wide session, join speakers exploring the intersection of race, wealth, education and technology to understand areas of progress and others where we fall short. Learn from experts about the profound impact of public policy and its power to both create and hinder change in communities around the country and over the world.




Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee

Director of the Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation

Visiting Scholar at ASU’s Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology

Larry Irving

President and CEO Irving Information Group

Josh Edmonds

University of Michigan’s Poverty Solutions initiative and City of Detroit Digital Inclusion Fellow


6:00 p.m. Campfire Mixer

Relax and recharge at the end of the day with a lighthearted mixer for meeting and hanging out with other campers. Head Happy Camper Bryan Alexander will welcome you for a relaxed and goofy time.  Optional games and contests will be on tap.

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