July 20: Welcome


Welcome to camp! Drop off your backpack, grab your s'more kit and join us to kick off Learning(Hu)Man! Meet your fellow campers, pick up your campsite map and dive into a variety of fun community activities.

All times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (this is the same as Mountain Standard Time, GMT-7)


6:00 p.m. Welcome

Greetings to our happy campers from around the world! Our Camp Directors are thrilled to welcome you to Learning(Hu)Man 2020.

Before we open our virtual campgrounds for you to explore and get to know your fellow campers, our Camp Directors want to share some helpful tips, walk through our Learning(Hu)Man values, learn about our digital badges, talk about the supplies you’ll need to make the most of your camp experience, and more.

Get ready for a week of education, inspiration, innovation…and fun!

Neighborhood Sessions

Camp Welcome Activities

Photoshop Tennis

Opening Serve: Ah, the striking of the yellow ball across a verdant grass court. Who doesn't like a bit of tennis in the summer? Now you can enjoy a wonderful twist on the game on your desktop or mobile device! Discover the creative joy that is Photoshop Tennis, a social, layering, spitballing, collaborative game for generating ideas and unleashing your inner Dali.

Game, Set & Match: The Results: What incredible composites have our games produced? Join us in this gallery session where we marvel, show and tell all from the Learning (Hu)Man's community of creatives and their Photoshop Tennis outcomes.

Introduction to VirBELA

Come join us as we take a tour around the world of VirBELA and discover all the things you can do. Meet new people, play a game of soccer and even take a boat ride around the island. Once that’s finished, put your skills to the test with a VirBELA Virtual Scavenger Hunt. Find all the clues and earn a badge!

LearningArtist: Windows into the Future of Learning

When the only certainty is uncertainty, this is an opportunity to experiment and create a visual representation of YOUR idea of what the future of education might look like.  Your submissions will be added to a co-created virtual gallery where these Windows will showcase your imagination, creativity, and artistic skills - go wild! From photo collages to paintings to digital illustrations to gifs, show us YOUR vision through a Window to the Future of Education!

Missed a Session??

Don't worry we have you covered!!

All Around the Flagpole and Campfires (and most of the Neighborhood Sessions) will be available at the ShapingEDU YouTube channel. Due to the large quantity of the videos being produced over this engaging week (about 80+ videos!), it will take a couple of weeks to get them all edited and ready to share. Make sure you're subscribed to the ShapingEDU YouTube channel to be the first notified when new recordings are added!