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ShapingEDU LIVE is a free virtual event series where global changemakers share insights on key themes impacting the future of learning, technology and the public interest. In these 60-90 minute events hosted in Zoom, a panel primes your creative thinking by sharing their perspectives on an action needed to shape the best future for education and society, and then participants work in interactive breakouts.


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Posted Nov 12, 2020 | Run Time: 1:01:42
Karina Branson, ShapingEDU Storyteller in Residence and graphic facilitator with ConverSketch, shares basic hands-on strategies to make your notes more visual, even if you don't consider yourself an artist! Learn about visual note-taking tools and tips for how to navigate the digitalsphere to support shared understanding, systems thinking, collaboration, and action. 



Black Swan Thinking: The End of Fairytales
When the unexpected happens, how does one go about thinking about what could not be foreseen as though one had known about it all along? Why are bathtubs more interesting than showers, bars more relevant than banks, and gossips more powerful than priests when doing so? In this three-part series, we will look at these topics and much more, with an eye to developing a hands-on approach to Black Swan thinking, planning, understanding, and action.

The Black Swan Thinking Project Session 1: Why The Little Dutch Boy Was The Little Doomed Boy
Posted Oct 23, 2020 | Run Time: 1:16:53

The Black Swan Thinking Project Session 2: How The Leopard Didn’t Get Its Spots
Posted Nov 19, 2020 | Run TIme: 1:13:42

The Black Swan Thinking Project Session 3: Who Framed The Narrative Of Cock Robin?
Posted Dec 16, 2020 | Run Time: 1:18:23

Black Swan Thinking Foundations
Published Mar 3, 2021 | Run Time: 56:59
How can we think about, respond to, and leverage the unknown to bring about better futures for living and learning? ShapingEDU Innovator in Residence Ruben Puentedura gives a 45-minute crash course in Black Swan + antifragile thinking. This session revisits and synthesizes key ideas from the Black Swan webinar series. It also set the foundation for the next phase of the Black Swan Thinking project: a hands-on studio in which participants will apply Black Swan thinking + antifragility to their own specific project.

Of Swans, Dragons, and How to Tell Them Apart (Without Getting Singed)
Posted Nov 22, 2019 | Run Time: 56:33
Welcome to the education innovator's bestiary, where ornithologists and mythologists play in the same sandbox! You may have heard about black swans and their inherent unpredictability - but have you met their more fiery cousins, the dragon kings? Despite their igneous demeanor, they may turn out to be (somewhat) more docile creatures, and learning how to spot them can also shed light on how to plan and adapt to a whole class of momentous events. Join us, as we talk (a little) and play (a lot) with some thinking tools that can help us sharpen our bird|dragon management skills.



2020 served to underscore just how fragile some of our pedagogical approaches are. It has created a much more agile mindset when it comes to adapting both our pedagogical approaches and the tools we grasp for to implement them, but there is still much work to be done in imagining how we can apply our suite of tools to how we teach in a post-pandemic environment.

This series of connected hackathons explores synchronous, asynchronous, and XR (extended reality) tools. We compile a list of innovative ways that these can be applied to strategies for reaching learners.

Each session stands on its own, and are designed to collectively build the final product. The collaborative work from these sessions will become part of a freely available resource for educators and technologists. 

Building Communities of Thought: Exploring Synchronous Tools
Posted May 19, 2021 | Run Time 56:04

Building Communities of Practice: Exploring Asynchronous Tools
Posted Jun 4, 2021 | Run Time: 54:09

Bending Communities of Learning: Exploring Extended Reality Tools
Posted Jun 29, 2021 | Run Time: 1:22:50



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Posted Mar 31, 2021 | Run Time: 53:49
Broadband access is a painfully timely challenge for anyone trying to work and learn in online environments; this highly-interactive, playful ShapingEDU session will focus on finding ways to positively address that challenge. Through its “Connecting Work and Learning” initiative to promote universal broadband access throughout the United States and foster access to the tools needed to effectively use the Internet for work and learning, ShapingEDU is creating resources and forging connections designed to make universal broadband a reality in the United States--and we need your help.

You will hear and share stories of the need for, challenges to, and actions toward universal broadband access. Together, we will review what the initiative has produced during its first nine months of operation; highlight, through storytelling, positive accomplishments in the drive to create universal broadband; and collaborate (in breakout rooms) on a collection of stories to further the aims of broadband access and digital equity

Participants, by the end of the session, should be able to describe at least three challenges facing anyone interested in promoting universal broadband access; cite three ways they can leverage social media and other resources to promote broadband access; and be able to describe at least two actions they can immediately take to become involved in promoting broadband access in their communities, regionally, or nationally.


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Posted Apr 27, 2021 | Run Time: 29:41
Discussion about what student voice and choice mean for the current and future classroom, cultivating an open material for future classroom use, course design, instructional strategies, course content and assessment.


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