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ShapingEDU and Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College Partnership

Call for Papers: Shaping the Futures of Learning in the Digital Age

ShapingEDU (founded by the University Technology Office) has partnered with Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College to produce a special issue of their open access journalCurrent Issues in Education:

Shaping the Futures of Learning in the Digital Age invites contemporary work from scholars, practitioners, community members, and graduate students on the futures of learning in the digital age. This issue welcomes submissions from a diverse transdisciplinary field of people, groups, and organizations that are thinking about, researching, designing, and creating the futures of learning. While the call for papers is public, it is targeted to ShapingEDU's dreamers, doers, and drivers -- otherwise identified as changemakers -- that are looking to shape the futures of education.

Our 10 calls to action (promoting access and equity, connecting education to the workforce of the future, building constellations of innovation, recognizing all forms of learning, personalizing learning, humanizing learning, bolstering intergenerational leadership, fostering immersive learning, innovating AI applications, and embedding data-driven approaches for student success) are among the the topics for submissions. We welcome a diverse set of submissions from all education stakeholders (faculty, students, technologists, professional staff, etc.): full original research papers, short reports or briefs, review papers, case studies, or methodology papers. Those written submissions can be supported by images, videos, and other media.

The aim of this special issue is to provide a publication venue for the work that individuals and groups such as the ShapingEDU community and others like it are engaging in around the world. With an increasing need to prepare and design for the future, we hope this special issue will serve as the seed to shape the futures of learning in the digital age.

Learn more and submit a paper now!

Deadline: November 1, 2019

Things you should definitely submit to the journal:

  • Short 1-2 page papers (‘trends’ paper - focused on something that is ‘hot’ or trending or things that deserve our attention in this space 1,000 words max.) 
  • Poems
  • Video stories (include YouTube or Vimeo link in a word doc, with a brief text summary)
  • Podcast episodes you produced (include the link in a word doc, with a brief text summary)
  • Think-pieces or Feel-pieces (We’ll let you decide what that means.)
  • Bold predictions of the future
  • A research proposal or research findings
  • Technology architecture blueprints
  • Write-ups of any projects you’re working on focused around any of the 10 Actions