ShapingED-YOU Toolkit

Cover page of the ShapingED-YOU Toolkit


When producing an event, we’re constantly trying to create the best possible participant experience — the perfect combination of learning and fun.

ShapingEDU convenes two types of multi-day synchronous events to connect, focus, and energize its community around a shared mission -- to shape the future of learning in the digital age. This toolkit will help you design your focused, collaborative Unconference and Community Camp-style events.

Unconference events provide a loose sketch and general framework to enable participants to dream, strategize, create and prototype. Community Camp events (think Learning(Hu)Man 2020) are more structured than Unconferences, yet they still provide space for participants to create and connect. Both event types have the same common goals: to be value-led, action-oriented, and community-driven. Let's learn more about designing around these goals first!

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