Stakeholder Inclusion Framework

A screenshot from the CoAction Learning Lab website showing the first page of the Stakeholder Inclusion Framework

In June of 2019, ASU and Penn State announced a partnership to integrate the CoAction Learning Lab, founded at Penn State, with ASU's ShapingEDU. The CoAction Learning Lab brought together 17 Community Partners -- teams from higher education institutions across North America and Australia -- to turn edtech thought leadership into action leadership by creating resources that advance technology innovation at the intersection of pedagogy, design, implementation, and learner engagement.

The first free and open resource, the Framework for Stakeholder Inclusion in the Technology Planning Process, was published just prior to the integration of the CoAction Learning Lab and ShapingEDU.

The CoAction Learning Lab piloted a process for collaboratively creating resouces through a combination of practitioner-led visioning, synchronous working session(s), and asynchronous authoring. With CoAction Community Partners, ShapingEDU has further evolved this process and integrated it into a seires of ShapingEDU LIVE webinars that lead to the creation of free, open, community-authored resources. The first of these outputs, Building Effective Communities of Practice, was published in December, 2019.

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