2018 Unconference Archival

Unconfernce view of the day


From April 25-27, 2018, in Scottsdale, Arizona, 129 higher education changemakers convened to dream, do, and drive the future of learning in the digital age. An Unconference format enabled the free flow of conversation, with common themes emerging and big ideas coalescing.

A graphic facilitator was on hand to capture the discussions, and those visuals can be accessed here. Additionally, seven participants presented inspirational lightning talks to convey vital ideas and questions. Their slide decks are also available here.

Participants went into the event with three tracks already determined: 1) Research to Action; 2) Mixed Reality Environments and Student-Centered Learning Frontiers, and 3) Organizational Network Models. They were tasked with inventing the rest of the agenda as the Unconference unfolded.

Many pressing topics were broached, including but not limited to the notions of humanizing online learning, amplifying student voice, nurturing the next generation of higher education leaders, personalizing learning, understanding the applications/implications of extended reality and artificial intelligence, recognizing all kinds of learning through micro-credentials, and creating sustainable constellations and networks of innovation.

Participants self-organized around these topics in "neighborhoods" -- designated locations within and outside of the Unconference space for open discussions with a lens toward collaboratively defining what it means to dream, do, and drive in each context. After being immersed in these neighborhoods, participants came back together to share and build upon the ideas that emerged.

The Unconference hosts are now in the midst of absorbing everything that transpired with the goal of synthesizing the big ideas into a broadly accessible communique. This website will serve as the home for all related materials, and the communique will be available here.

In the meantime, enjoy all the materials that came from the event!