2nd annual event for dreamers, doers, and drivers shaping the future of learning in the digital age

March 11-13 | Tempe, Arizona Hosted by Arizona State University

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The 2019 ShapingEDU Unconference, hosted March 11-13 at Arizona State University by the University Technology Office, took the work started with the first event to the next level. Nearly 200 dreamers, doers, and drivers from education institutions, organizations, and companies all over the world convened to address the critical themes surrounding the future of learning in the digital age, including promoting access and equity, connecting education to the future workforce, and humanizing learning experiences. An unconference format enabled participants’ complete autonomy and a free-flowing exchange of ideas.

Participants met for a reception on Monday night (3/11) to share 2019 trends that represent our current state of learning. Tuesday’s (3/12) focus was “Learning and the World in 2039: Towards ‘Utopian’ Future Scenarios.” Salesforce VP of Strategic Research Peter Coffee led a breakfast discussion about education from expensive data to abundant intelligence, and how higher education must find a way to find signals in abundant noise.

Following breakfast, students from across North America gathered for a panel to share their dreams for the future of learning, education changemaking, and current challenges and opportunities. Later, participants pitched their Future Scenarios for 2039 in three-minute lightning presentations, setting the stage for working sessions throughout the rest of the day to produce actionable, tangible products and plans that will progress one of ShapingEDU’s 10 Actions. These working sessions, referred to as “neighborhoods,” came together at the end of the day to share their discoveries and ideas with the rest of the unconference at large.

On Wednesday (3/13), breakfast kicked off with an adjoining conversation led by Adobe and Todd Taylor of UNC Chapel Hill on “Groundbreaking Work to Advance Digital Fluency: The Creative Cloud at UNC Chapel Hill.” Afterward, neighborhoods were paired up to to ideate and build upon each other’s  work; this allowed the concepts of the day to transcend silos, connecting all the actions that are needed to shape the best possible future for education.

Participants solidified their commitments to a variety of calls-to-action by the end of the half day, and a community town hall summarized the conclusions and exciting ideas generated during the entirety of the 2019 ShapingEDU Unconference. Collectively, this group drives educational changes to bolster student success, collaboration, leadership, next-generation learning environments, and digital fluency. Next year’s 3rd annual convening is already planned to deepen these connections and make progress on the actionable commitments.


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