February 22-24, 2023 (In-Person)


ASU SkySong (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)

ShapingEDU GCSS23

Global Community Solutioneering Summit 2023

What could we accomplish together that we couldn't accomplish alone?

For this event, we chose the theme of Education As Jazz. The Smithsonian Institute eloquently summarized the importance of jazz: "Often acclaimed as America’s greatest art form, jazz has become accepted as a living expression of the nation’s history and culture, still youthful, difficult to define and impossible to contain, a music of beauty, sensitivity, and brilliance that has produced (and been produced by) an extraordinary progression of talented artists."

As noted in Davis' biography, Miles Davis (1926-1991) - an American trumpeter, bandleader, and composer - is among the most influential and acclaimed figures in the history of jazz and 20th century music. During his 50-year career, Davis innovated musical directions that kept him at the cutting edge of major stylistic developments in jazz. 

Just as Miles Davis was an intrapreneur in the world of jazz, we aspire to channel that same spirit of creativity and innovation in the world of education!

During this Summit, attendees had the opportunity to:
▶ Reconnect + re-energize with colleagues from around the world
▶ Find inspiration in our new Calls to Action
▶ Help us design our 2023 Grand Challenge Projects - where the rubber meets the road!

On February 16, 2023, we hosted two virtual exploration sessions - one at 8amPT and one at 4pmPT - so our friends from around the world could join us. During the morning session, scheduled for our Community members in Europe and the east coast of the States, we announced our partnership with LearningPlanet Alliance (powered by Learning Planet Institute and UNESCO), and discussed literacy equity x libraries, AI x student mental health, playful pedagogy x gamified and game-based learning, and microcredentials x decentralized education journeys. We also learned about current projects hosted by LearningPlanet Alliance ("Circles") and ASU Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College ("Learning Futures Collaboratives"). During the afternoon session, scheduled for our Community members in Australia and Asia, we discussed futures thinking x education, Web3 x ED3, and playful pedagogy. We were also treated to a sneak peak of the upcoming in-person session about "Education as Jazz" with Dr. Ruben Puentedura.

After we explored emergent topics during the first part our virtual sessions, we focused on brainstorming project ideas that will take place throughout 2023, and participants at our in-person event took these ideas and turn them into action.

From February 22-24, 2023, we gathered at ShapingEDU's Global Community Solutioneering Summit (GCSS23), the first major in-person convening of the global ShapingEDU Community since 2020!

Virtual Event, Part One (February 16, 2023 | 8amPT)

  • Welcome to GCSS23! Why We're Here (Stephanie Pierotti, Director of ASU ShapingEDU)
  • LearningPlanet Festival: Exploring New Narratives in Education (Leonora Dowley, Head of Strategic Partnerships at LearningPlanet Alliance, powered by Learning Planet Institute and UNESCO)
  • The Shape of Literacy Equity: Civic Fluency, Libraries, and New Directions for Literacy Equity Work (Ken Bigger, Senior Fellow at American Library Association's Center for the Future of Libraries
  • The Brighter Side of AI: How Tech Can Help Us Address Student Mental Health, Equity and Diversity (Jennifer Lee | Melissa Hortman | Dr. Krystin Watkins from Microsoft)
  • Learning Futures Collaboratives (Clarin Collins, Director, Scholarly Initiatives at Office of Scholarship and Innovation, ASU Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College)
  • Playful Learning: Developing Playful Pedagogy with Gamification & Game-Based Learning (Nick Schiner + Kelly McNeil from Digital Promise)
  • Democratization & Decentralization of Education Journeys (Robert Bajor from Micro-credential Multiverse)

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Virtual Event, Part Two (February 16, 2023 | 4pmPT)

  • Welcome to GCSS23! Why We're Here (Stephanie Pierotti - Director of ASU ShapingEDU)
  • Becoming A Citizen Futurist (Dr. Sean Leahy - Education Futurists and Director of Creative and Emerging Technologies, Enterprise Technology at ASU)
  • Asking For A Friend: Have You Heard of Web3? (Dagan Bernstein - ED3 DAO, Community Growth Lead | Hawaii Preparatory Academy, K-8 Capstone Coordinator
  • Sneak Peek: Education as Jazz (Dr. Ruben Puentedura)
  • Playful Learning (Dr. Elizabeth Gee - ASU MLF Teachers College)

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GCSS23 Kickoff Celebration @ ASU SkySong's 1951

Food truck (Bachelor's Pad Burgers & BBQ), live music from Nuance Jazz Trio (to go with our "Education As Jazz" theme), live poetry from Valencia Clement, Haitian-American doctoral candidate and writer from New York, and a paint-by-numbers canvas mural project that will hang in ASU's Creativity Commons building!

Thursday, February 23rd @ ASU SkySong + Fellow Osteria

8:00am - 4:15pm | Speakers, workshops, student panel plus FREE lunch from Fajita Freaks

· Welcome! Why We’re Here
Stephanie Pierotti, Director of ASU ShapingEDU

· Creating What’s Next
Tracey Zimmerman, CEO of Robots & Pencils

· Education as Jazz
What Can Educators Learn About Intrapreneurship from Miles Davis?
Dr. Ruben Puentedura, Founder of Hippasus

· Scanning The Education Futures Horizon
Dr. Sean Leahy, Education Futurists and Director of Creative and Emerging 
Technologies, Enterprise Technology at ASU

· Collaboratively Shifting Cultures: A Global Futures Chat 
ASU Global Futures Laboratory - Ann Marie Hess, Amy Pate, Molly Cashion
· Lunch from Fajita Freaks

· Future with a Side of Fajitas 
Will advanced technologies transform how we learn and who we are in the future? A conversation between students and ASU Future of being Human initiative director Andrew Maynard (scientist, author, and professor in ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society)

· Professors at Play Playbook    
Real-world Techniques from a More Playful Higher Education Classroom
Lisa Forbes & David Thomas

· ShapingEDU's 2023 Grand Challenge Projects

Friday, February 24th @ ASU SkySong + ASU Creativity Commons

· What's New At ASU?

· The Power of XR in Education
How Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Realities are Transforming Learning 
Sara Filipčić, CEO & Co-Founder of Be Human(e)

· Becoming A Citizen Futurist
Using Futures Thinking & Foresight Practices in Your Work 
Dr. Sean Leahy, Education Futurists and Director of Creative and Emerging 
Technologies, Enterprise Technology at ASU

· Ask A Futurist! 
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Futures Thinking - But Were Afraid To Ask 
Dr. Sean Leahy

· Building Constellations: Connecting A Global Community
Sneak Peak: ShapingEDU Cafe + Participate.com
Dr. Julie Keane, Chief Learning Officer at Participate.com

· Lightning Presentations (5-10 minutes each)

· Lunch from Hummus Xpress

· Roll Up Your Sleeves: Project Planning Sessions 

· Field Trip to ASU Creativity Commons
Dreamscape Learn, Zoom Innovation Lab, Learning Futures and more!
Bus Departs SkySong @ 3:00pm | Bus Departs Creativity Commons @ 5:00pm

Entrance to this event constitutes consent to be photographed or filmed in a group setting for any ASU purpose. Visit the ASU brand guide rights and releases webpage for more information


New to ShapingEDU? Watch a quick video to learn more about us.

ShapingEDU's 2023 Calls To Action: Emergent Education Challenges and Opportunities

During both the virtual and in-person events, we offered an introduction to our new Calls to Action. Informed by the latest and greatest education futures studies and forecasts. The Calls to Action served as the foundation upon which we built our 2023 Grand Challenge Projects

2023 Grand Challenge Projects: Open Innovation for Education  

By uniting the global, interdisciplinary ShapingEDU Community, what opportunities can we create to address these challenges together? Design our 2023 Grand Challenge Projects with us, and discover how you can help lifelong learners around the world thrive in the digital age!

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