ShapingEDU's 5 Calls To Action drive our dynamic programs, output-focused projects, mission-driven activations and unconventional events. ShapingEDU's Community of dreamers, doers and drivers from across the world to connect, surface challenges, create collaboration opportunities and set in motion projects with sharable and actionable outputs. By rallying the ShapingEDU Community around issues facing education, we empower lifelong learners to thrive.

ShapingEDU's Community Leaders gather changemakers into five Action Teams; each team supports one of ShapingEDU's 5 Calls To Action. The Action Teams design projects, and work with ShapingEDU's Director to deliver sharable outputs (e.g. webinars, workshops, toolkits). In February 2022, our Action Teams kicked off five new projects at the inaugural Pente Pitch Challenge. 

Inspired by the July 2021 Unconference event, we now have five Action Teams in place:

U.S. Digital Inclusion Advocacy

Capturing the Evolving New Now in Learning

Emerging Credentials Standards

Data-Driven Learning Futures

Empowering Educators with EdTech Tools

Want to join an Action Team or form a new one? Contact ShapingEDU's Director, Stephanie Pierotti: