2022 ShapingEDU Projects

2022 Pente Challenge | Summary Graphic


Digital Empowerment

ShapingEDU x FCC Affordable Connectivity Program sign-up events

Project Leads: Lisa Gustinelli, Dr. Stacy Hawthorne

This pilot project, one of several spearheaded by the FCC in collaboration with community-based partners across the United States, is the latest result of a collaboration between ShapingEDU and the FCC that began nearly two years ago when Lisa Gustinelli met then FCC Acting-chair Jessica Rosenworcel, who had invited Gustinelli to participate in an online town hall meeting focused on the need to expand broadband access in underserved communities. 

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Designing The Dynamic New Now

"Are We There Yet? Capturing the Evolving New Now in Learning" video series

Global Storytellers: Paul Signorelli, Lisa Koster, Tula Dlamini, Brent Scholar

In the midst of an ever changing world of dynamic, complex challenges, we are called to continually pivot, learn, and actively design our “new now.” Together, the ShapingEDU Community surfaces learning challenges and emerging insights, transforms them into actionable opportunities, and shapes better futures for living and learning. We strive to integrate a wide variety of learning experiences into institutions in ways that lead to learner success and relevant workforce development. ShapingEDU focuses our efforts around equity and inclusion, learner agency and intergenerational leadership.

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Data-Driven Learning Futures

Student Global Impact (SGI) Hub

Project Lead: Tanya Joosten

While data can inform learning futures, we need solutions that center students and their needs, bring creativity to gathering more meaningful data and solving relevant problems, and respond to the ever-changing systems of the world. 

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Emerging Credentials Standards

Emerging Credentials x Future Employment Mini-Summit

Project Lead: Andrew Fisher

The modern job market is adapting to be more welcoming of more skilled workers, rather than requiring workers to have a specific kind of degree. Badges, stacked credentials and other emerging certifications offer an accelerated path to reskilling or upskilling to specialized skillsets, allowing more learners to be competitive job applicants.

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