ASU Learning^HuMan

ASU Learning^HuMan

July 20 - 27, 2020 | Sessions happening every day

Digital Immersion Event

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Two registration options are available: free registration without Camp Kit or paid registration with Camp Kit mailed to you. Camp Kits will include a collection of LearningMan and co-convener materials such as LearningMan Patch, a camp mug; sunglasses; a drawstring backpack; bug spray; a flashlight; and more! (Please note that final kit contents may be subject to change).

A limited quantity of Camp Kits are available. Camp kits purchased after 7/9/20 may not arrive before Learning(Hu)Man 2020. Unfortunately, we are also no longer able to ship camp kits internationally.

It's time!! Double-check your backpack for all your supplies!

Learning(Hu)Man 2020 is an experimental fusion of hands-on learning, storytelling, tech hacks and the good kind of shenanigans. In short, it’s total camp. Summer camp! This weeklong series of events will convene a global community of education changemakers to push the creative envelope for how we serve students and advance learner success. Interactive experiences led by a cohort of camp counselors (read: education and industry leaders) will uncover best practices in learning design, edtech tools and development, and emergent thinking around the art of the possible -- all with the shared mission for enabling student success in all of its dimensions.

Every day during the week of July 20th there will be a set of activities for all campers and smaller neighborhood breakouts. Join us around the campfire, down by the docks, underneath the flagpole -- and wherever else sets the right vibe -- for community learning and fun. Campers will have the opportunity to earn digital badges to share their learning with the world. Better keep that canteen filled and bring your thirst for co-constructed knowledge. (Expect more camping related puns; it’s going to get in-tents.)

Education changemaking and the future of learning must focus on learner needs and inclusion. ASU ShapingEDU and Learning(Hu)Man believe that student voice is essential to any effort to shape the future of learning in the digital age.

All times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (this is the same as Mountain Standard Time, GMT-7).



Daily Camp Schedule

7:30 a.m.  MST/PDT (GMT-7)

Mess hall breakfast & banter

8:00 a.m. MST/PDT (GMT-7)

Around the flag: What matters to me and why

9:15 a.m.    MST/PDT (GMT-7)

Neighborhood Breakouts: Pick one of the multiple sessions to sit in on

10:15 a.m.    MST/PDT (GMT-7)

Neighborhood Breakouts: Pick one of the multiple sessions to sit in on

11:15 a.m.   MST/PDT (GMT-7)

Camp Hike 

5:00 p.m.   MST/PDT (GMT-7)

Campfire: Values Led Change

6:00 p.m.   MST/PDT (GMT-7)

Campfire Mixer

Daily Camp Themes


July 20: Welcome

Drop off your backpack, grab your s'more kit and join us to kick off LearningMan! Meet your fellow campers, pick up your campsite map and dive into a variety of fun community activities.


July 21: Flipping Scary Stories

Sharing perspectives on how people have waded through the fear of starting something new; ideas around surfacing an innovative project/idea and getting investment -- emotionally, financially and spiritually; and designing and scaling learning futures + innovation.


July 22: Arts & Crafting Learning Experiences 

Best practices in learning design for the lifelong learner (read: inclusive)


 July 23: (A)synchronized Swimming

Discussions and demos around the digital campus -- student success experiences, programs and products with direct applications for live or anytime learning


July 24: Tech Hacks from the Toolshed 

Hands-on workshops and upskilling experiences around emerging technologies


 July 25 & 26: Nature Walks

Equipped with our digital camping kit of singalongs, nature walk suggestions and more, this is a chance to be active alone or together. Document it for the camp scrapbook by submitting it to the bug juice Slack channel.


 July 27: Kumbaya

Celebrate the experiences, actions, connections and fun of LearningMan! Join us to synthesize key ideas from the week, wrap up week-long projects and set the stage for ongoing changemaking.


You may register and participate in ASU’s Learning(Hu)Man 2020 (“Learning(Hu)Man”) only if you are 18 years of age or older. By registering and participating in Learning(Hu)Man you are representing that you are 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18 you may only register and participate in Learning(Hu)Man if you are accompanied at all times by your parent or guardian. 

Learning(Hu)Man is made possible in part by paid co-convening companies and organizations. Your contact information may be shared with some sponsors.

The educational event, Learning Man, invokes the spirit and the values of its cultural namesake, Burning Man, expressing the importance of common values, shared insight, and community commitment to radical and inclusive change for the betterment of us all. The parallels between the 10 principles of each community reflect the understanding that, now more than ever, we are all in this together, and that while any one of us is not enabled and supported to grow, and learn and to and to express themselves fully, we are all somehow incomplete.  Both call upon their communities of Dreamers, Doers and Drivers to make equitable, inclusive, and sustainable changes to our global views, and future visions. Learning Man, with its roots in learning, is perhaps the greatest catalyst for radical transformation that can come from education communities around the globe.

Kim Flintoff
Learning Futures Advisor
Curtin University

I am excited to attend LearningMan 2020 the week of July 20th. ShapingEDU is such a vibrant community of educators; I can only imagine the fun summer camp will be! All the learning, sharing AND networking. Beat the remote working blues by joining us for this lively, learning event. 

Nancy Rubin
Dean of Continuing Education & Distance Education, Northwestern Health Sciences University
ShapingEDU Innovator in Residence


Learning can happen anywhere today. With Virtual and Augmented Reality, All the world's a stage and we are merely players and learners. The new global learning sphere connects people on digital platforms that transcend borders and open spaces for new learning communities to emerge. In the academy of the future, learning will take the shape of a story, a play, a game, with many quests, involving many platforms and players, driven by conversations and augmented with technology, an interplay of immersive experiences, data, and new digital tools. A digital public square where everyone can enter to learn, get inspired, pursue common goals, and make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Maya Georgieva,
Director, Education Futures / XReality Center, The New School  Innovator in residence, ShapingEdu, ASU  Co-Founder, Digital Bodies 


In these tumultuous times, coming together as a community is more important than ever to learn, discuss and take action to improve education for all learners. I'm looking forward to LearningMan 2020 to connect with colleagues, old and new, about how to bring the future of education into practice today.

Allison Hall
Director of Learning Experience Transformation
+ ShapingEDU Mayor
University Technology Office, ASU

Higher Education has reached a watershed moment. Buffeted by a global pandemic, the rapidly growing demands of a digital economy, changing needs of students, and innovative technologies such as VR and AI, the old paradigms for how we live, learn, and work no longer apply. More than ever, we need this insightful community of dreamers, doers, and changemakers who see every challenge as an opportunity to reinvent the future.

Emory Craig 
Innovator in Residence, ShapingEDU at ASU
CEO, Digital Bodies


ShapingEDU has always been an innovative, collaborative, inclusive, forward-thinking community dedicated to fostering positive change for learners and those they serve. The opportunity to further engage with other members of this community via the LearningMan virtual gathering this summer is one I'm very much looking forward to pursuing. Thanks a million, as always, for offering us a chance to work together--particularly now, when so much of what we do and so many of our assumptions about training-teaching-learning are in tremendous flux.

Paul Signorelli, 
Writer/Trainer/Instructional Designer/Presenter/Social Media Strategist/Consultant