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Active Learning in Digital Realms


Samantha Becker*, Arizona State University

Richard Biehl*, University of Central Florida

Julie Coffman*, University of Missouri 

Wendy Howard*, University of Central Florida

Nicole Stahl*, University of Central Florida

Masha Krsmanovic*, University of Central Florida

Bethany Stone*, University of Missouri

Danna Wren*, University of Missouri

Francisca Yonkeura*, University of Central Florida

Laura Geringer, Arizona State University

Jonathan Hall, University of West Florida

Stephanie Edel-Malizia, Penn State University

Jenna Linskens, Ithaca College

Lisa Koster, Conestoga College

Celia Coochwytewa, Arizona State University

Kathleen Hicks, Arizona State University


*leader/panelist for ShapingEDU LIVE discussion and resource creation.



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