Active Learning in Digital Realms

A graphic with a series of five stair steps depicting the five stages of the Active Learning Maturity Model

Active Learning in Digital Realms Capability Maturity Model 

Active learning, hybrid learning, digital fluency, learning analytics, adaptive technologies and more -- this resource grew out of collaborative work and conversation, drawing on diverse experiences in discussing the intersections of active learning and digital learning spaces. Eight ShapingEDU LIVE event panelists prepared a draft active learning "maturity" model. During a live webinar on November 7, 2019, they shared, discussed, and invited participant feedback on this draft. This free and open resource -- created from the panelists’ initial work and ShapingEDU community member contributions -- will serve as a practical reference for instructors, administrators, and students interested in undertaking thoughtful exploration and action in this ever-changing landscape.

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What is a Capability Maturity Model?
Stages of the Maturity Model
     1. Do
     2. Ramp Up
     3. Apply
     4. Flip
     5. Transform
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