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Dreamer's Digest: January 2021

Stephanie Jeanine King

— January 29, 2021

No better way to start 2021 than at the ShapingEDU Winter Games

Thank you again to all of the changemakers who went for the go at our first-ever Winter Games earlier this month! Read the full recap for an inside look at the discussions, plans and actionable ways we plan to shape the future of living & learning.

Join the Student Voices Project

Learning is a partnership — all too often, unfortunately, one where the learner is a silent partner. This learner-driven community project puts learners at the center of the process by amplifying their stories, needs and insights through resources they help create. Sign up for project updates, opportunities, and ways to contribute!

Student Voices

The final installment of ShapingEDU Open Access Journal is live now!

Have you checked out the final installment of the ShapingEDU Open Access Journal yet? A complement to the first publication installment, the Open Access Journal shares 11 articles that unpack the various intertwined journeys we must embark on together to bolster digital equity and inclusion, to recognize all forms of learning and to spur an even more harmonious connections between our institutions and the workforce of the future. Read the journal now!

A New Homepage Design for a New Year

 We're excited to reveal our new and improved homepage! With the help of our Innovators and Storytellers in Residence, we are shining the spotlight on our newest blog posts, upcoming events, project opportunities and more.

Be sure to check out the beautiful artwork of Storyteller in Residence Karina Branson that so perfectly captures the essence and energy of our community.

Re-watch Stage One of the Black Swan Thinking Project

 Who better to help you develop black swan, antifragile and systems thinking than Innovator in Residence Ruben Puentedura? Ruben presented session three, "Who Framed The Narrative Of Cock Robin?", last month to round out stage one of the Black Swan Thinking Project.

Whether you've seen all three sessions or need to catch up, check out the Black Swan Thinking Project playlist on YouTube!


Stephanie Jeanine King