Learning Futures: Designing the Horizon Winter Games Keynote

Tuesday's keynote "designed the horizon," and envisioned what can be in the education system. Please see a transcription of the keynote's graphic facilitation image below.

Learning Futures: Designing the Horizon (Probable, Plausible, Possible) Keynote with Dr. Sean Leahy, Dr. Punya Mishra and Jodie Donner

  • Futures thinking is a mindset - it's not about predicing the future. Build in resilience and we can succeed in uncertain times. Prepare for disruption; look at the role of humans with AI. Look at mega trends and design for them.
  • Make existing systems better. Think like a designer. Be agile! Design is about doing. Go beyond artifacts, processess and experiences to systems and culture, using foresight frameworks and tools. Think about time differently. Think near-term and long-term simultaneously. Embrace ambiguity.
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution is different because of velocity, scope and systems impact.
  • Navigating through peril: how do we prepare? Imagine what can be. Everything in the education system is designed and can be changed.
  • Axes of uncertainty
    • Brainstorm external uncertainties.
    • Brainstorm internal uncertainties you can control.
    • Plot on opposing axes and surface new ideas.
    • Write a headline in each axis.
    • Label with opportunities and risks.
    • Find your action.
  • Use case: Sun Devil Learning Labs
    • Remote learning led by ASU education students, who adapted and embraced human-led and human-centered decisions. Baked in ideas included the use of YouTube, Zoom and Slack, as well as futures thinking, principled innovation and design.

Want to know more? Watch the video here.