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Happy fourth birthday, ShapingEDU!

ASU's ShapingEDU was founded in 2018, focused on three intertwined words of action: dreaming, doing and driving. Separately, they’re strong. In combination, they’re unstoppable. We must dream big, collaborate to bring our visions to life and nurture every seedling of success for the lifelong learners of now and tomorrow.

Networking Communities

Over the latter half of his career, Douglas Engelbart struggled to help organizations adopt augmented approaches to the technology that he had helped midwife in the 1960s. His Augmentation Research Center at the Stanford Research Institute focused on creating technology that would make us better, more creative, and more connected as human beings, but to the outside world he was merely “the inventor of the mouse.”

Sense Making Through Game Design

Life is complicated. At any given moment, a thousand things are happening which impact my life. An exponential number more will impact my life in the future. Most of these things are things you only have a vague awareness of, at best. Additionally, I manage systems in my body, from the infinite complexity of my mind, to the autonomic beating of my heart, to complex interactions between the three as my fingers dance across the keyboard to type these words.

Electrifying Education (Part II): If Tesla Engineers Designed Instruction

Electrifying Education Part I: Being There

There are many parallels in how electric vehicles are disrupting the transportation industry and in how digital has the potential to disrupt the education industry. To realize the potential of electric vehicles, we must grasp changed opportunities for reaching our destinations. To realize the potential of digital, we must grasp changed opportunities to reach our students.

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