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Student Voices: Anna Victoria speaks about unique challenges & strategies for online learning

— August 12, 2021

This conversation is part of a series of informal interviews (conversations and/or survey) with online students in various stages of their academic journey. 

Anna Victoria VonSchell is a student at Arizona State University (B.S. Prevention Science, 2021; B.S. Psychology, 2017) whose coursework was fully online. Below, Anna shares experiences as an online learner and highlights some of the unique challenges and strategies encountered in that learning format.

Question: Are you currently an online student?

Answer: Yes, all of my classes are fully online (no in-person work).

Q: What are the biggest challenges that you have faced (or are facing) as an online student?


  • No learning through osmosis

  • No regular cadence to learning without set lecture times

  • Miss making friends and study buddies with people who sit near me/have similar schedules

  • Pre-recorded lectures can be draining without live energy/conversation to back it up

  • No location or temporal triggers to jog the train of thought around the subject matter

  • Deciphering/filtering what information to retain and what to let pass (becomes exhausting to sift through and it's always the same modality - internet)

  • Negative self-talk and too much time alone with my own work (ruminating)

  • Lack of classmate feedback

I have taken online courses simultaneously with in-person classes in the past, however, and thoroughly enjoyed those experiences! Many of my challenges seem like they're exacerbated by the grander landscape of relative social isolation.

Q: What strategies do you use to address these challenges?  What has worked for you?

A: I type my assignments on tear-soaked keys. Just kidding, that's only sometimes :)

  • Breathing techniques for attentional focus (meditation)

  • Utilizing campus resources and joining clubs to increase sense of connectedness (participating in free meditation, personal development offerings, etc)

  • Time management strategies to mimic set class times/regular schedule

  • Building in extra breaks to completely step away from thoughts associated with specific activities

  • Exploring a breadth of internet engagement that exists around my course topics (podcasts, journals, articles, comments)

  • Self-esteem building: working on a more positive inner-experience regardless of excessive challenge/worry

Q: Were you an online student prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020)?

A:Yes, I took classes both online and in-person prior to the pandemic.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?

A: ASU is a magnificent institution and I am sincerely grateful to call this school my home!

Thank you, Anna, for sharing your experiences and strategies!

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We are passionate about improving the student experience through story-telling and shared experiences. We hope the 2020-21 Student Voices Project will help our community better understand the challenges that online learners face along the way, and celebrate and share the strategies they use to address these challenges.