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World Building With the Tool Augmentation Tool

Tools should not drive our activity. Tasks should. Tools should expand our ability to execute tasks. They should give us more time to escape routines and concentrate on the activities that make us more human and escape the dehumanization of our industrial education systems.

Technology as a Constructed Reality

Digital technology introduced me to the idea that the world is an inherently constructed artifact. When I was a freshman in high school, my father gave me a blank slate called an Apple ][+. Over the next few years, I kept discovering new things that I could construct with it.

Educators share honest stories of pandemic-era teaching, training and learning at ShapingEDU LIVE

For many education changemakers, the COVID-19 pandemic era has been filled with navigating both highs and lows. But how and where can they effectively articulate the positive and negative outcomes of teaching during a global pandemic? That’s exactly why ShapingEDU invited educators to gather virtually for Capturing Our Stories: Successes and Challenges in Pandemic Teaching & Learning on Thursday, January 28.

Electrifying Education (Part 1): Being There

The scarcest commodity in my class is me. I don’t try to make myself scarce. I make it clear to my students that they can always find me by email and that it’s no big deal to fire up a zoom session. But, despite my mastery of digital time and space, I've never managed to be in two places at the same time.

Four course-level strategies to elevate student voice & choice

The ShapingEDU Student Voices Project team is excited to announce their new infographic resource for promoting student agency and student voice at the course level in higher education and lifelong learning!  "Elevating Student Voice & Choice: Course-Level Strategies" offers four steps (course design, instructional strategies, course content and assessment) to help you elevate student voice and choice in your learning e

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