Screenshot of a google document file name "[Template] ShapingEDU Interview via Google Docs"

Virtual Text-Based Interview Template

Laura Geringer

ShapingEDU Storyteller in Residence Paul Signorelli regularly uses Google Docs to conduct virtual text-based interviews for the ShapingEDU blog and many other projects. Using Google Docs as an interview platform allows you and your interviewee to have a text-based conversation simultaneously (and/or asynchronously). 

The interviewer prepares a Google Doc with questions and instructions and arranges a time to meet the interviewee virtually, in the Google Doc. There is no simultaneous video call; conversation takes place entirely within the document.  "You’ll spend this time reviewing your interviewee’s answers as they add them and adding new questions as the conversation evolves," Paul explains.  You can also conduct text-based interviews asynchronously if you and the interviewee are unable to meet in the document at the same time.

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Laura Geringer