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ShapingEDU Unconference 2021: Reshaping Wicked Problems

July 20 - 23, 2021 

Digital Immersion Event 

Recordings now available!

Thank you for Reshaping Wicked Problems at our virtual haunted inn!

Together, we addressed a looming set of "Wicked Problems," (challenges with underlying competing values), including learning in the face of disruption, ethics and bias in data, student voice in education journeys and more.

Why you should watch Unconference 2021

Educators, students, technology leaders and changemakers who want to hone their skills in grappling with the unknown mysteries ahead and transforming learning for the better through these disruptions joined us at the virtual inn. We opened with a Black Swan simulation focused on learning in the face of disruption to set the tone of strategizing around the unexpected. During days two and three, participants leveraged what they learned on day one in working sessions, focused around a set of wicked problems identified by the global ShapingEDU community. Together we addressed specific Wicked Problems facing learning, and developed actionable outputs, resources and products.

During this highly-interactive digital event, we rolled up our sleeves to: 

 Develop and build skills for dealing with the unknown, disruption and surprises. Surface big ideas around concrete actions and engage in working sessions to dream and design big.

 Create specific strategies and tools to address these wicked problems.

 Seek out ways to become antifragile in living and learning -- to move beyond resilience to thriving through disruption. 

What is an Unconference?

At the ShapingEDU Unconference, there is no set program. We host full-group discussions and graphic facilitation, and participants self-organize around the themes and ideas that resonate most with their work and passions. Ideas are generated from participants ahead of time to set the tone and be built upon, through the lens of crafting the futures of learning in the digital age. 

While the start and end times each day don't change, all activity times are fluid/subject to change...because it’s an unconference.

See the living agenda

Browse 2021's Wicked Problems

First, we asked our ShapingEDU community of education changemakers to share their Wicked Problems: pressing, complex challenges facing learning now or in the future. Once we received the submissions, our dreamers, doers and drivers had the opportunity to vote for their favorite topics.

Click below to view the nine Wicked Problems we untangled at the 2021 Unconference!

View the Wicked Problems

Travel Bag

Before you visit the virtual inn, let’s make sure you’re packed and ready to go:

Thinking Cap? Check!
Magnifying Glass? Check!
Tech software? Digital kit? 

Let’s get started!

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