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  • January 5-7, 2021 | Winter Games

    January 6, 2021

    January 5-7, 2021 | Winter Games

Ready to go for the gold? Prepare to upskill, innovate and challenge yourself daily with an Olympic schedule that will help you navigate the toughest trails and steepest slopes.

All times are listed in Mountain Standard Time, GMT-7. 

Missed a Session? Don't worry we have you covered!!

We know you’re an Olympian, but you’re also human and might not be able to attend every session. That’s why our Olympic Keynotes, Ski Lodge Firesides and breakout sessions will be recorded and shared to continue your quest for the gold (at your convenience). 

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January 6th Program


Download today's program here. PDF icon jan_6th_program.pdf

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9:00 a.m. Olympic Keynote: The Future of Sports and Entertainment

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  • Robert Mathews | Collaboration Strategist, AVI Systems
  • Rick Schantz| Head Coach, Phoenix Rising FC
  • Mark Feller | VP of Technology, Arizona Cardinals
  • Salvatore Galatioto | President of Galatioto Sports Partners
  • Stephen Rusche | Sr. Director, Smart Communities, COX Business


  • Diana Bowman | Arizona State University
  • Dominic Papa | Arizona Commerce Authority

From the slopes of Winter Games to the field -- what will game day look like in 5, 10, 20 years? Join experts in technology and education for a lively conversation around the intersection of sports, entertainment and technology. Digital tools and smart approaches are pushing the boundaries of immersive sports experiences in modern sports facilities and classrooms alike. Get insights into the emerging relationships between sport and esports facilities -- a growing trend in higher education. The panelists will also make future-focused ideas concrete by sharing how local Arizona sports teams are thinking about the customer and spectator experience.

Hosted by Cox Business


10:45 a.m. Short Track Hack(athon): Pedagogical Athletes: Faculty of the Future, A Rapid Ideation Session

This 105-minute session takes place at the same time at the Olympic Village Breakout Sessions. 

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Dr. Minu Ipe | Managing Director & Vice Chair, University Design Institute, Advisor to the President, Arizona State University

Join University Design Institute as we use a rapid ideation approach to envision the nimble, athletic, and fast-paced Faculty of the Future. How might we collectively help train these current and future pedagogical Olympians?

Hosted by asu_university_design_institute


10:45 a.m. Short Track Hack(athon): Learn at Your Own Risk

This 105-minute session takes place at the same time at the Olympic Village Breakout Sessions. 

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Tom Haymes | Independent Consultant, IDEASPACES, Author and ShapingEDU Storyteller in Residence

You are at the top of the Piste, and Blofeld's goons are chasing you. Getting down the mountain will require both strategy and improvisation for you to emerge at the bottom unscathed. Join the author of Learn at Your Own Risk (ATBOSH Media, 2020) as he provides 9 Digital Age Strategies for skiing the mountain of chaos down to a new normal. You will provide the improvisation. We will divide up into 9 groups and each will be tasked with developing practical applications for each of the Nine Strategies as we map our way out of the pandemic wilderness to find our new campfires of teaching and learning.


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Olympic Village Breakout Sessions

10:45 a.m. Sessions

The ConnectiveSmart Cities - Highlighting Local Stories from Cities/Towns in Maricopa County


  • Travis Cutright | CIO City of Mesa
  • Bianca Lochner | Assistant CIO City of Phoenix
  • Eugene Mejia | Deputy CTO Town of Gilbert
  • Jeanine Jerkovic | City of Surprise Economic Development Director

 Moderated by:  Chris Richardson | Deputy CIO ASU

Maricopa County in Arizona is home to a bevvy of cities and towns that have been stepping up in the face of the pandemic. Often the most Olympic-sized challenges lead to the local development of ideas and solutions that propel us into the future faster. This platinum medal session reveals the most shining silver linings from the local community as city leaders have leveraged lessons learned in COVID-19 to strengthen smart city infrastructure and strategic planning. Panelists make the trek downhill smoother by sharing new moves when it comes to competing against digital equity, building cross-functional teams that address the diversity of community needs and even navigating the Google Fiber RFP process.

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Cross-Countries Smart Skiing

slack_logo A New Horizon for Education in a Digital-First World: Freestyle with Slack!
Sheela Subramanian | Senior Director of Future Forum by Slack
Allie Nakonek | Slack Customer Success Manager, EDU 
John C. Mitchell | Department of Computer Science at Stanford University
Maxwell Bigman | Graduate School of Education at Stanford University

The challenging slopes of the pandemic have created an opportunity to radically transform universities. Our research shows that while the shift to remote has worked for many, those ill-equipped are faltering on a number of fronts. Join us as we share how organizations are making the jump past the early “lift and shift” to comprehensively adapt to a hybrid and digital experience to enable distributed teams to be more aligned, agile and productive. A real aerial feat! As part of your Olympic training, you will walk away with some Slack tips and tricks to align your teams and students today!

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Bobsleighing Tech Fears

asu_social_embeddedness_networkRiding the Chair Lift: A Bird’s Eye View to Navigate the Digital Divide
Michelle Sullivan | Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU
Faith Dalzell | Student Innovation Analyst, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU
Bailey Shaw | Student Innovation Analyst, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU
Jasmine Chase | Student Innovation Analyst, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU
Mukta Marathe |Student Innovation Analyst, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU

How “digital” is the digital divide? Not very— as we will see through taking this panoramic view of the digital-divide-slopes during the Winter Games. Through this interactive session, we will explore how the divide is shaped by political, social, cultural, and economic factors—and, more importantly, how we are mindfully incorporating technology into efforts to avoid the massive snow drifts we and our learners face. We hope you’ll join us as we ski through a variety of ways to shape our work, our partnerships, and our questions to ensure that digital solutions are holistically considerate of the diverse factors that influence complex systems.

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Freestyling Over The Horizon

The ConnectiveThe Smart City Lab as a Catalyst of Urban Innovation


  • Debra Lam | Executive Director, Partnership for Inclusive Innovation, Atlanta
  • Kulle Tarnov | Head of Innovation, FinEst Smart City Centre for Excellence, Tallinn
  • Yael Malatskey | Head of Innovation, City Zone, Tel Aviv
  • Mark Dowd | Chief Innovation Officer, Metropolitan Transit Authority, New York

Moderated by: Jason Whittet | Digital Innovation Lead, ASU CIC, Tempe

Smart regions need mechanisms to bring the community together and bring ideas to life. Smart cities labs by many different names have become popular across the world as a resource for urban innovation. This panel brings together leaders from labs across the world to share best practices for challenge selection, design thinking and innovation mechanisms and how to scale ideas from prototype to adoption.

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Bonus Smart Region Session

11:45 a.m. Sessions

Cox Business   The Rise of the Collaboratory
Stephen Rusche | Sr. Director, Cox Smart Communities
Ed Aaronson | VP, Cox Business Arizona
Jake Huber |  Director, Smart Communities

 Over the past year, a new team has been looking toward the horizon to create the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Known as the Collaboratory, this strategic partnership brings together leaders and futurists from Cox Business and the ASU community to create IoT-focused solutions to solve campus-wide challenges. In this session, partners from across the Collaboratory will take a look back at the accomplishments and momentum built over the past year and share how promising solutions will be made available to other campuses. Join us for a discussion of the processes, partnerships and promise of the Collaboratory.

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Cross-Countries Smart Skiing

  Check Yourself: Technology & Keeping the Campus Healthy During a Pandemic

Bobby Gray Director | Kelly Mukerjee Product Manager | Kari Christie UX Manager, | Gigi Speaks Director | Zachary Walker BI Associate | Joe McDonald Director | Corinna Busciglio Kamilli Strategic Comms Manager | Samantha Becker Executive Director Creative + Communications | Frank Montoya, Web Application and Salesforce IT Manager.

A smart campus is a healthy campus -- and it takes a village (an Olympic Village). The pandemic has exacerbated the need for institutions to have comprehensive strategies that promote the wellbeing of their communities, and technology is a significant enabler. ASU created the daily health check -- an integration in the ASU Mobile App that asks questions of Sun Devils before they step foot on campus to monitor symptoms and keep the community healthy. This wasn’t just a smart technology initiative but a behavioral change for a community of more than 120,000. Join subject matter experts from the University Technology Office at ASU to learn firsthand how the health check came together and how it’s being used to solve unique challenges presented by the pandemic.

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Cross-Countries Smart Skiing

Arizona Commerce Authority  Future of Mobility: Global Perspectives


  • Miguel Eiras Antunes | Global Smart City, Smart Nation & Local Government Leader, Deloitte
  • Alex Cardona | Transportation Engagement Office, State Farm
  • Miguel Gaspar | Deputy Mayor for the City of Lisbon


  • Diana Bowman | Arizona State University
  • Dominic Papa | Arizona Commerce Authority

To view a city from above is to observe a world in motion. Trains carry people to and from work; taxis circulate in abstract patterns; trucks deliver goods and carry away garbage; pedestrians hustle down city blocks; cyclists zip through traffic. Mobility is the lifeblood of our cities and essential for urban life. However, the way people move around the urban environment is primed for dramatic change. Technological innovations in the form of autonomy are on the horizon and the increasing urbanization with more people moving into cities and regions will provide the conditions for change. What, then, will be the future of mobility?

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Cross-Countries Smart Skiing

Mess Hall & Banter

12:30 p.m. Let's Do Lunch!:  “Creatively Yours” Project/Action Fast Track

Luge into our virtual lunchroom for rapid twists and turns through the ShapingEDU and the Connective project landscapes. Join breakout groups exploring projects around Smart Cities, fostering universal broadband access throughout the United States, aligning pedagogy and technology and more!


Ski Lodge

4:00 p.m. Fireside Chat: Heart of Inclusion

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Alycia Anderson

Diversity and inclusion is a trending topic in today's world. We seem to be in a race to implement these programs on campus, at work and in life. This is great but now the real question is: Do we understand the inherent benefits of our efforts or are we checking off a box and moving on? 

The reality is success in this venture requires ongoing, collective collaboration and hard work. The process is unique to each person and situation. So by having an emotional understanding, we are likely to have greater success in our efforts. It's all about the past, present and future coming together and saying “Where do we go from here?” 

This talk explores the relationship between diversity and inclusion and how these concepts benefit all of us. We will explore how bias drives decisions and how communication, adaptability and belief that perceived impossibilities are possibilities are the key to success in our efforts. 


Ski Lodge

5:00 p.m. Après-Ski: Winter Games Musical Artists Challenge

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Music provides a singular experience for all who listen. Songwriters and musicians inspire us. They take us out of our current space, feelings and thoughts and into something new. Join us in the virtual ski lodge for an evening of live music!  This interactive Musical Artists Challenge is designed to provide opportunities for musicians and Winter Games attendees to engage with each other through video, audio performance, and live chat.  Come listen, chat with the artists and vote on who you want to hear from next!  ASU has also convened a panel of judges who, inspired by your votes and comments, will award musical medals at the close of the concert.

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