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Freestyling Over The Horizon


The pandemic has been a daunting blind run, with downslopes and upslopes and zig zags. As we learn to breathe in new altitudes, we’ve also gathered new research and new skills that could become permanent fixtures of our new reality. Sessions in this track address the core question: Where do we go from here? Join us for value-led conversation and working sessions to explore and further visions for the future.

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We know you’re an Olympian, but you’re also human and might not be able to attend every session. That’s why our Olympic Keynotes, Ski Lodge Firesides and breakout sessions will be recorded and shared to continue your quest for the gold (at your convenience). 

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9:00 a.m. Olympic Keynote

ASU Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

ASU University Technology Office 

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Learning Futures: Designing the Horizon

Dr. Sean Leahy | Director of Technology Initiatives, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University 
Dr. Punya Mishra | Associate Dean and Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University
Jodie Donner | Lead Technology Strategist and Head of IgnitED Labs, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University

The maxim we cannot predict the future, but we can invent it (and its derivatives) is often cited as a call to engage in design and strategic forecasting tools and methodologies. Join us as we create a space to explore what we describe as Learning Futures. Visualize with us how we might rethink our teaching and learning environments by harnessing the opportunities of our collective uncertainty. We will explore emergent strategic foresight frameworks as we consider multiple future scenarios to reveal the risks and opportunities of disruptions, and propose strategies for engaging in futures thinking in your own organizational contexts.


10:45 a.m. Olympic Village Breakout Sessions

Winter Games Smart Campus, City and World 

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Innovating the Future of Learning:  Schussing Downhill With Driving K-12 Innovation

Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN | Kim Flintoff, Technology Innovation Design Entrepreneurship Sustainability Coordinator

Snap-on your skis, put on your goggles and join us as we explore what innovation looks like during remote/hybrid learning in a pandemic. This may be the best time for a transformation of learning. Find out about the key 2021 trends from CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation initiative: hear about the Hurdles, Accelerators and Tech Enablers that global experts agree are most important NOW. Your coaches will help guide you to the future of learning so you can win a gold medal leading the innovation conversation.

11:45 a.m. Olympic Village Breakout Sessions

Winter Games Smart Campus, City and World 

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Graduate Assistant Professional Development During and After COVID
Khara Lukancic | Assistant Lecturer for the Department of Cinema and Photography, and Program Coordinator at the Center for Teaching Excellence, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Karla Berry |Director of the Center for Teaching at Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Benjamin Bradley|Graduate Assistant, Center for Teaching at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Often professional development is reserved only for faculty. At the Center for Teaching Excellence at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, we strive to provide multiple professional development activities for graduate student instructors (in addition to our programs for faculty) because we believe that graduate students can innovate and not rely on the simple mimicry of their teaching mentors.

In this discussion, we will explore the experience of the graduate student instructor by sharing our professional development strategies, as well as engaging in an interactive activity to brainstorm alternate paths and opportunities for the graduate student instructor. In this activity we will use a digital whiteboard platform to brainstorm and play a game of educational chutes and ladders -- adapted as ski slopes and obstacles -- so that we can transform teaching and learning from the perspective of the teaching assistant.

12:30 p.m. Let's Do Lunch

Winter Games Smart Campus, City and World 
“Outrageously Yours” Showcase your Triple Axel

Come in off the learning slopes for virtual hot chocolate, conversation with colleagues and an opportunity to playfully explore our collective vision for learning + living in the digital age. This first of three daily lunch sessions focuses on a combination of your best serious and silly/outrageous ideas to produce positive change. Bring your creativity and imagination!

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 10:45 a.m. Short Track Hack(athon) 


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Pedagogical Athletes: Faculty of the Future, A Rapid Ideation Session

Dr. Minu Ipe | Managing Director & Vice Chair, University Design Institute, Advisor to the President, Arizona State University

Join University Design Institute as we use a rapid ideation approach to envision the nimble, athletic, and fast-paced Faculty of the Future. How might we collectively help train these current and future pedagogical Olympians?

10:45 a.m. Olympic Village Breakout Sessions


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Riding the Chair Lift: A Bird’s Eye View to Navigate the Digital Divide
Michelle Sullivan | Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU
Faith Dalzell | Student Innovation Analyst, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU
Bailey Shaw | Student Innovation Analyst, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU
Jasmine Chase, Student Innovation Analyst, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU
Mukta Marathe, Student Innovation Analyst, Office of Applied Innovation, ASU

How “digital” is the digital divide? Not very— as we will see through taking this panoramic view of the digital-divide-slopes during the Winter Games. Through this interactive session, we will explore how the divide is shaped by political, social, cultural, and economic factors—and, more importantly, how we are mindfully incorporating technology into efforts to avoid the massive snow drifts we and our learners face. We hope you’ll join us as we ski through a variety of ways to shape our work, our partnerships, and our questions to ensure that digital solutions are holistically considerate of the diverse factors that influence complex systems.

4:00 p.m. Fireside Chat

 Winter Games Smart Campus, City and World 

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Heart of Inclusion

Alycia Anderson

Diversity and inclusion is a trending topic in today's world. We seem to be in a race to implement these programs on campus, at work and in life. This is great but now the real question is: Do we understand the inherent benefits of our efforts or are we checking off a box and moving on? 

The reality is success in this venture requires ongoing, collective collaboration and hard work. The process is unique to each person and situation. So by having an emotional understanding, we are likely to have greater success in our efforts. It's all about the past, present and future coming together and saying “Where do we go from here?” 

This talk explores the relationship between diversity and inclusion and how these concepts benefit all of us. We will explore how bias drives decisions and how communication, adaptability and belief that perceived impossibilities are possibilities are the key to success in our efforts. 

5:00 p.m. Après-Ski


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Winter Games Musical Artists Challenge

Music provides a singular experience for all who listen. Songwriters and musicians inspire us. They take us out of our current space, feelings and thoughts and into something new. Join us in the virtual ski lodge for an evening of live music!  This interactive Musical Artists Challenge is designed to provide opportunities for musicians and Winter Games attendees to engage with each other through video, audio performance, and live chat.  Come listen, chat with the artists and vote on who you want to hear from next!  ASU has also convened a panel of judges who, inspired by your votes and comments, will award musical medals at the close of the concert.


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 10:45 a.m. Short Track Hack(athon) 

 Winter Games Smart Campus, City and World 

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The Future is Fun: The Transformational Power of Play
David Thomas, Ph.D. | Executive Director for Online Programing at the University of Denver
Lisa Forbes, Ph.D. | Assistant Clinical Professor, Extended Studies, School of Education & Human Development, University of Colorado Denver

Wouldn't be fun if you had fun in your online classroom? Oh, yes it would! So, what's stopping you? Fear? Shame? The agony of defeat? Well, we dare you, no we double-dog dare you to stare down the cliff of uncertainty and jump. 

In this workshop we will discuss the power of play, and why it can transform teaching and learning. As we have all been pushed online and forced to use more technology than ever, the engagement, motivation and community-building aspects of play have never been more important. 

Once we've established that ground, next we will inventory your fears around having fun in your classroom, work through solutions to overcoming those fears and finally develop personal plans to get you zooming toward the benefits of play. And, yes, we will do it all in a playful interactive way that brings the ideas and your fears to life. 

How do people learn to ski jump? It all starts with the courage to get to the top of the hill and then a friendly push. Hang on -- we promise this is gonna be fun!

10:45 a.m. Olympic Village Breakout Sessions

Winter Games Smart Campus, City and World 

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We Care a Lot: Humanizing Teaching through Technology

Leigh Graves Wolf | Clinical Associate Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University

Digital tools that were once at the periphery for some, are now central to our daily lives for all. This breakout session will start by sharing a curated list of possibilities, practices and promises for embedding analog care between the cold digital 0s and 1s in educational spaces. Then, we will move on to collectively engage in interactive brainstorm that models caring practices while simultaneously generating more possibilities and hope.

 ShapingEDU at ASU logo 

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Learning with Embodied Avatars in the Future
Emory Craig | Cofounder and Partner at Digital Bodies
Maya Georgieva | Director, Education Futures, XReality

Are you ready for a thrilling double black diamond run? Is your avatar ready? Let's explore how learning is transformed when we begin to replace ourselves with digital representations in virtual environments. Our identities impact our online behavior, but studies have shown that the reverse is also true - our online personas impact real-life behavior. 

We'll examine cutting-edge research and examples of avatars to understand the ethical challenges of multi-user virtual environments and the provocative questions they raise. Let's explore the use and psychology of avatars to ensure that virtual learning is based on equity, diversity and inclusion. Join us as we co-create a future that doesn't confine itself to a promise of technology but instead fulfills what it means to be human.

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