January 7, 2021

January 5-7, 2021 | Winter Games

Ready to go for the gold? Prepare to upskill, innovate and challenge yourself daily with an Olympic schedule that will help you navigate the toughest trails and steepest slopes.

All times are listed in Mountain Standard Time, GMT-7. 

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We know you’re an Olympian, but you’re also human and might not be able to attend every session. That’s why our Olympic Keynotes, Ski Lodge Firesides and breakout sessions will be recorded and shared to continue your quest for the gold (at your convenience). 

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January 7th Program

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9:00 a.m. Olympic Keynote: Unlocking the Data to Drive a Smart Region Vision

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  • Mayor Corey Woods | Mayor of Tempe
  • Dean Elizabeth Wentz | Knowledge Exchange for Resilience, ASU
  • David Cuckow | Head of Digital Sector, BSI
  • Dr. Patricia Solis | Knowledge Exchange for Resilience, ASU


  • Diana Bowman | Arizona State University
  • Dominic Papa | Arizona Commerce Authority

Board our luge for a thrilling smart-region ride through the world of making complex decisions and proposing novel solutions to challenges through the use of data. Riding with you on this 45-minute excursion will be other thrill-seekers including elected officials, policy makers, and members of the research community. We will navigate twists and turns along the path to building out a smart and sustainable region, data utilization challenges, and taking advantage of the intersection of sustainable developments goals, international standards, and smart regions.

Hosted by 

The Connective

Cross-Countries Smart Skiing

10:45 a.m. Short Track Hack(athon): The Future is Fun: The Transformational Power of Play

This 105-minute session takes place at the same time at the Olympic Village Breakout Sessions.  

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  David Thomas, Ph.D. | Executive Director for Online Programing at the University of Denver
Lisa Forbes, Ph.D. | Assistant Clinical Professor, Extended Studies, School of Education & Human Development, University of Colorado Denver

Wouldn't be fun if you had fun in your online classroom? Oh, yes it would! So, what's stopping you? Fear? Shame? The agony of defeat? Well, we dare you, no we double-dog dare you to stare down the cliff of uncertainty and jump. 

In this workshop we will discuss the power of play, and why it can transform teaching and learning. As we have all been pushed online and forced to use more technology than ever, the engagement, motivation and community-building aspects of play have never been more important. 

Once we've established that ground, next we will inventory your fears around having fun in your classroom, work through solutions to overcoming those fears and finally develop personal plans to get you zooming toward the benefits of play. And, yes, we will do it all in a playful interactive way that brings the ideas and your fears to life. 

How do people learn to ski jump? It all starts with the courage to get to the top of the hill and then a friendly push. Hang on -- we promise this is gonna be fun!

Freestyling Over The Horizon

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Olympic Village Breakout Sessions


10:45 a.m. Sessions

Zoom Logo
Cross Country Ski with Zoom Across Campus
Anne Keehn | Global Education Lead - Zoom Video Communications
Jason Mobley | Higher Education Solutions Lead - Zoom Video Communications
Michael Berman | Office of the Chancellor, CIO - California State University System
Tracy Manier | Vice President for Enrollment Management, St. Edward’s University
Judith Scully Callahan | Researcher & Professor, University of Florida

What does the future of Smart Campuses look like? Hear from an expert panel of educators on how they are using Zoom not only in academic programs, but across the institution, to transform the education experience. You’ll learn how to create a transformed campus and enable a new world of work and learning experiences for students, faculty, administrators and alumni.

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Cross-Countries Smart Skiing

Curling with the Cloud

Soo Nadarajah | Regional Leader, US West Higher Education and AMC, Amazon Web Services

Disruption is a word that we hear often in the business world, usually when we describe innovations that create new markets that could disrupt established norms, industry leaders, services or products. The outbreak of COVID-19 was the digital disruption and accelerant of the decade, forcing businesses to change how they operate and communicate practically overnight.
Public Cloud’s speed, scale and agility are enabling global organizations to innovate faster than ever, disrupting the global economy. Solutions being built today will be the standard for digital engagement in the future. Come hear how companies across multiple industries are curling with the Cloud.

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Cross-Countries Smart Skiing

Winter Games Smart Campus, City and World
We Care a Lot: Humanizing Teaching through Technology

Leigh Graves Wolf | Clinical Associate Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University

Digital tools that were once at the periphery for some, are now central to our daily lives for all. This breakout session will start by sharing a curated list of possibilities, practices and promises for embedding analog care between the cold digital 0s and 1s in educational spaces. Then, we will move on to collectively engage in interactive brainstorm that models caring practices while simultaneously generating more possibilities and hope.

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Freestyling Over The Horizon

Learning with Embodied Avatars in the Future
Emory Craig | Cofounder and Partner at Digital Bodies
Maya Georgieva | Director, Education Futures, XReality

Are you ready for a thrilling double black diamond run? Is your avatar ready? Let's explore how learning is transformed when we begin to replace ourselves with digital representations in virtual environments. Our identities impact our online behavior, but studies have shown that the reverse is also true - our online personas impact real-life behavior. 

We'll examine cutting-edge research and examples of avatars to understand the ethical challenges of multi-user virtual environments and the provocative questions they raise. Let's explore the use and psychology of avatars to ensure that virtual learning is based on equity, diversity and inclusion. Join us as we co-create a future that doesn't confine itself to a promise of technology but instead fulfills what it means to be human.

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Freestyling Over The Horizon

11:45 a.m. Sessions

Cox Business
Citizens Broadband Radio Service
Michael Socha | Cox Business
Brett Lasher | Mobile Private Networks Strategy for Cox Communications’ New Growth & Development
Somi Alapati | Principal Solutions Manager, Wireless Solutions, Ericsson

 A previously exclusive ski run has opened up, clearing the way for the Internet of Things (IoT) innovation and expanded connectivity. Newly available Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) licenses are enabling exciting possibilities for emerging technology, community connectedness and innovation. So what is CBRS? CBRS is a band of radio-frequency spectrum that the FCC has designated for sharing among certain users — expanding access to this historically exclusive spectrum. With the expansion of IoT technology and the push to expand broadband Internet services, CBRS offers powerful opportunities to connect people and will undoubtedly impact the future of technology. Join us on this new ski run to explore all things CBRS — its advantages, applications, use cases, availability and importance for the next generation of IoT technology.

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Cross-Countries Smart Skiing

GAIN: Building a collaborative MOOC model

Dale P. Johnson | Director of Digital Innovation for the University Design Institute at Arizona State University

The static MOOC model has not evolved since its widespread adoption in 2012. This session will explore the development of a dynamic Global Adaptive Instructional Network (GAIN) to create the means to personalize the learning experience for every learner everywhere.

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Bobsleighing Tech Fears

Winter Games Smart Campus, City and World
Virtual Play Dates: Turning Your Classroom into a Creative Sandbox
Emily Wray | Integrative Portfolio Specialist - Media Communications, Full Sail University
Kari Whaley, Ed.D. | Graduate Studies Course Director, Full Sail University

Virtual Play Dates offer educators new and exciting ways to engage online students outside the LMS. In this session, we will explore how to use co-facilitated virtual sessions to blend online classes in an effort to more deeply contextualize content, examine cross-curricular connections and build community beyond coursework.

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of cross-departmental collaboration possibilities in the virtual space
  • Examine several recent case studies collected during the COVID crisis
  • Engage in a virtual collaborative activity as a demonstration

This session is relevant to the times because it speaks directly to expanding engagement options in the online space. Given the virtual nature of the event, this will offer a unique opportunity to demo the strategies discussed. 

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Bobsleighing Tech Fears

Mess Hall & Banter

12:30 p.m. Let's Do Lunch!: “Productively Yours” Hackathon/Outputs Champion Podium

Ski jump toward the future with the trainers from Winter Games hackathons and results-oriented sessions!  Learn about and help shape the ideas, processes, and outputs from these sessions and explore how we can build on these ideas and drive change even as the Winter Games draw to a close.

Bobsleighing Tech Fears

People skiing

2:00 p.m. Olympic Village Breakout Session: Automated Mobility and the Future of Cities

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  • Ellie Casson | Head of City Policy, Waymo
  • Brandon Branham | Assistant City Manager/ CTO, city of Peach Tree Corners (Curiosity Lab) 
  • Micah Miranda | Economic Development Director, City of Chandler
  • Marisa Walker | Arizona Commerce Authority

Moderated by: 

  • Diana Bowman | Arizona State University
  • Dominic Papa | Arizona Commerce Authority

For city leaders, industry executives, and residents, automated vehicle technology has long been one of the most fascinating areas within the future-of-mobility space. This continues to be so, but 2020 certainly was a year in which optimistic forecasts had to be scaled back to a certain degree. Yet the underlying logic for automated driving, especially in cities, remains the same. We believe shared AVs can address mobility’s pain points in cities (such as road congestion, crowded parking spaces, and pollution) while revolutionizing urban mobility, making it more affordable, efficient, user-friendly, environment friendly, and available to everyone. 

This panel brings together Automated Mobility Leaders across both the private and public sectors. The panel will focus on where the current state of Automated Mobility lies and where 2021 will take us. These leaders will discuss key programs and strategies that will enable cities, industry, and academic research institutions to work together, collaborate, and advance the future of automated mobility in the U.S.

Bonus Smart Region Session

Ski Lodge

4:00 p.m. Fireside Chat: Reflections from the Top

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Allison Hall | Director of Learning Experience Design at ASU
Kyle Bowen | Executive Director, Learning Experience at ASU

You’ve prepared, competed and climbed the podium to receive your medal. As you stand there basking in the glory of all that you have learned this Winter Games, you’re faced with the inevitable question: “What’s next?” In this session, we will reflect and share our learning experiences while planning how we can put it all into practice. We will engage in a creative, collaborative exercise so that you glide away with a tangible reminder of your time here.

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Bobsleighing Tech Fears


Ski Lodge

5:00 p.m. Carrying Forward The Torch + Medal Ceremony

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As the 2021 Winter Games draw to a close, join us to celebrate the athletes and teams who sparked new ideas and fanned the flames of change this week. Hop off the chair lift, grab your tennis shoes and torch and run with ideas that are catching fire.

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