Learning(Hu)Man Pocket Rocks

The World is Your Campground

As campers packed up their hiking packs and departed the virtual campgrounds, they left Learning(Hu)Man re-energized with new ideas, a community of fellow changemakers and a scrapbook of good memories! They took with them Pocket Rocks -- meaningful learningconnection and fun + creative play experiences worthy of holding onto.  Below are some of the souvenirs, pocket rocks, session materials and other takeaways from Learning(Hu)Man 2020.

Session Recordings

Session recordings will be posted on the ShapingEDU Youtube Channel during and following Learning(Hu)Man.  There's still time to earn badges for viewing Learning(Hu)Man sessions!

Graphic Facilitation

Check out these visual notes and graphic facilitation from Learning(Hu)Man, created by Camp Art Director Karina Branson (Conversketch).  All graphic recording can be found on the LearningArtist page.

  • Opening Reception
  • Around the Flagpole: What Matters + Why: Whittling the Future of Education
  • Design Thinking to Close the Digital Divide

  • Learning Futures: Avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse to Create the Brave New World

  • Using Data Science, Data and the Power of Community to Address the Student Loan Crisis

  • Humanizing Higher Education

  • Campfire: Digital Equity, Social + Racial Justice

  • Around the Flagpole: The What, Why, and How of Learner-Centered Everything

  • Three Easy Pieces: Building a Foundation for Black Swan Thinking

  • Launching the Learner Rocket Ship

  • Campfire: Design Your Own Path: Creating Credentials of the Future

  • Around the Flagpole: Welcome from Slack + Rise of the DIgital Campus+ Panel

  • Surfing Chaos: Narratives Across the Digital Divide

  • Humersive Learning -The Making of the Framework

  • Campfire: Social Justice. Digital Education and Tribal Rights

  • Around the Flagpole: Connecting Education and the Workforce

  • Designing Bridges Between Education and Industry

  • Campfire: Leadership, Culture + Value-Led Innovation
  • Map to the Future
  • Kumbaya (Pocket Rocks)

Camp Scrapbook

This scrapbook is a reflection of our favorite Learning(Hu)Man memories over the past week. We collectively recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of this group -- encapsulated in this very moment in time.

Postcards from Home

Send a letter home with this Learning(Hu)Man postcard template!

LearningArtist: Camper Creations

Check out camper and counslor art projects and creations on the LearningArtist page!

Sketch of ideas from Learning(Hu)Man 2020


Sketch of themes from the session on Leadership, Culture and Value-Led Innovation

Image of a postcard written by a camper


Image of a postcard written by a camper

Camp Song

Written and performed by Warick Pond

And it’s old friends long time no see
It’s a zoom slack and all the meetings
I reach out at LearningHuMan
Can’t wait for summer camp to begin

And I can’t get enough of the new
I count on learning from you

And it’s oh my we’re taking a stand
Virtual education in command
Responding with agility
Can’t wait for the world to see

And I can’t get enough of the new
I count on learning from you

And it’s Campfires and stories to tell
Of Education going well
Changing people’s opportunity in life
Beating the odds despite the strife

And I can’t get enough of the new
I count on learning from you

And it’s new friends can’t wait to meet
It’s a zoom slack and all the meetings
I reach out at LearningHuMan
This summer camp I'm a fan

I count on learning from you
And I can’t get enough of the new

Icon showing tents in a campground

Continue the Conversation in Slack

Apply to join our online community via to connect with fellow dreamers, doers, and drivers, and sign up to receive official ShapingEDU communications.  Conversations from Learning(Hu)Man continue in the following three channels:

  • learninghuman-flagpole (for learning)
  • learninghuman-messhall (for social)
  • learninghuman-down-by-the-docks (for resource sharing)

Related ShapingEDU Projects

Humersive Learning

This project considers human and student experience in the context of emerging technologies and the convergence of extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI). How we can humanize these technologies while simultaneously fostering innovation that will bring disruptive change to education?

The Teaching Toolset Triangle

The Teaching Toolset Triangle Project is an effort to begin to construct a typology of tools that extend from the Physical to the Digital to, eventually, XR environments so that we can mindfully construct environments optimized for all kinds of learning no matter what the circumstances.

Applying Artificial Intelligence to the Student Debt Crisis

In this project, ShapingEDU participants partner with data scientists, data engineers, and domain experts from around the world, using the Omdena platform, to collaborate and build an artificial intelligence solution to better understand -- and potentially recommend solutions to -- the student debt crisis. 

Connecting for Work and Learning: Universal Broadband Access in the United States

Learners and workers across the United States face a tremendous, yet resolvable challenge: lack of access to the Internet and the tools they need to work in a connected world. The ASU ShapingEDU “Connecting for Work and Learning” initiative aims to make concrete collective progress toward this future where broadband is accessible to all.

Black Swans & Antifragile Thinking -- Coming Soon!

This project will be led by Innovator in Residence Ruben Puentedura.